Angel, Angel, Angel…..


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6 Responses to Angel, Angel, Angel…..

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Thank goodness those power and telecom cables are there to hold up the important part.

  2. bucketman617 says:

    I am almost positive that is in NJ and I may have fixed that pole. Maybe I just work to much overtime and they all start to look alike.

  3. Gnome Sane says:

    It’s funny that they are commonly called telephone poles when they are owned and maintained by the power company.

  4. pappy says:

    I’ve had that happen where I worked in Philly. I was a printer for a good size firm, on 2nd shift. It happened that a Corvette was speeding down the road, lost control and hit the pole just outside our shop. Unfortunately that pole held the transformers that fed our building. Put us out of work for 2 days. That Vette took an 8 foot section from the pole, left a stump and the upper part of the pole (including the 2 big transformers hanging by the wires. Couldn’t believe the wires held that top section up

  5. Chilly time of the year up in the panhandle. Angel just getting firewood mom van style.

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