Berlin terrorist may have gotten away

A man arrested following the deadly truck ramming attack on a Berlin Christmas market was not the perpetrator of the attack while the real attacker is still at large, local media on Tuesday.

At the same time, the Berlin police chief Klaus Kandt expressed doubt on Tuesday that a man detained in relation to a truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin was the perpetrator of the attack.

“The investigation is ongoing, it is necessary to check DNA traces, carry out other investigatory actions. I am presently not sure that the detainee is the perpetrator,” Kandt told a press conference.

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4 Responses to Berlin terrorist may have gotten away

  1. Alex Lund says:

    As a native German I am pissed off.
    I am told to wait til the real culprit is caught and his motives are known.

    OK, lets rehash.
    In the 1950 there were hardly any muslims in Germany and the Police could deliver parking tickets without needing Bodyguards. And of course Police officers (LEO you call them, right?) were respected. Terror attacks: What are you talking about?????

    In 1973 we had about a million turkish muslims in Germany and regarding parking tickets and behaviour towards LEO was nearly like the 1950. Yes, we had the antifascists who misbehaved but not like today. Ok, Terror attacks from the left (RAF) and muslim (PLO, Carlos the jackal etc)

    Today about 20% of all people in Germany are non-german and if the Police wants to deliver parking tickets in areas as Berlin-Kreuzberg, Duisburg-Marxloh or Frankfurt train Station they are spit upon, attacked and Need a Bodyguard unit of at least 100 LEO in riot gear to escape from the area. And no, the can not put parking tickets on cars that are wrongly parked.

    Today we live in fear of the next terror attack.

    I am tired.

    Yes, I could be wrong that it could have been done by a non-muslim, but this way of attack is muslim-style.

    So, I want them all gone. No, not genocide, just send them back.

    Benes decrees 2016.

    No muslims in Europe means no muslim terror attacks in Europe.

    And before you ask: In 2012 the representative for foreigners in Saxonia, Mr Martin Gillo (who belongs to Merkels CDU) wrote in his Newsletter 6/2012 that in 2035 a new age will begin. Then the native Germans will be a minority in their own country.
    But according to Merkel and all leftwingers this is a conspiracy theory.

    OK, send them into muslim countries too.

    Why cant the German Army not follow their oath? Their oath binds them to Germany, but not to Merkel.

    • Wirecutter says:

      It was starting to get bad with the Turks in Heilbronn when I was there in the late 70s. While the Polizei didn’t have any serious problems with them, American GIs were attacked on a regular basis.
      You have every Right to be pissed off.

    • Roland says:

      what oath? dude, you know what you are talking about? army is not for inner service. they are totally not trained and prepared for ‘police work’. I hope you consider how soldiers in Germany are treated by the civilians. we had a time where we were respected, at my time. when I served we were considered as potential murders, and now all are asking if the army is still needed. it looks Muslim style…. This i admit. but there is still no proof of it. and still they didn’t catch anybody. unfortunately.

      • Alex Lund says:

        I know that the german oath does not contain the words (like the US oath) “Against all enemies-foreign or domestic”, but the german oath says “to protect the rights and the freedom of the german people”. And this sentence includes (for me at last) the reference to all enemies foreign or domestic.

        The army does not need to do police work. They should just follow the example of the greatest german hero – Count Stauffenberg. But they should succeed..

        Yes, I know that soldiers are not treated well by civilians but thats the cause of leftwing education.

        And according to the latest info it is a muslim.

        So like Cicero with his “Carthago delendam est” I say “Benes decrees 2016” and the politicians and leftwing People are included.

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