‘Policing For Profit’ Goes To The Next Level

It’s bad enough getting arrested – especially when you didn’t do anything to warrant it. This happens all the time, because the the threshold for arresting someone is very low. It can be done by any cop, pretty much anytime – without much in the way of legal justification. He has the gun – and the handcuffs, after all. If he wants to arrest you, he will arrest you. Maybe the courts will sort it out later; eventually you are released, your record “cleared.”

This isn’t new – or news.

What is new – and ought to be news – is that several states have begun charging people “processing” and “incarceration” fees for their bogus arrest and subsequent just-as-bogus caging.

Minnesota and Kentucky are among the states that levy fees on people who are merely arrested and taken to the clink… even if they are never convicted of anything. In some cases, the people being charged for “services” rendered are never formally charged with any crime (which is something a prosecutor must do; a cop hasn’t got the power to do more than arrest you on suspicion of violating a statute).

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7 Responses to ‘Policing For Profit’ Goes To The Next Level

  1. MMinLamesa says:

    Lord. Back in the day, I would travel to the east to sell my windows and there were many times I had 1,000s in cash on me. Now? Never. Fucking cops are arresting iPhones and credit cards.

  2. They don’t all do that? Colorado has several grand of our cash on COMPLETELY unjustified arrests, holding, court time for family, mostly withheld from bail money with no apology. The list is offensively long on the release sheet. They withhold shit like “Colorado Game Conservation Fees.” It’s obscene. That doesn’t count lawyers and impound charges. All for being falsely arrested for ‘suspicion’ of DWI, even after blowing a ZERO. There’s no shame when you serve and protect, sometimes.

  3. Sam Maguire says:

    I the UK if your conviction is overturned you are let out of prison with no money or help and have to make your own way home, if you are guilty they give you money and a ticket home and may find you a home if needed.
    If you do get some money for wrongful imprisonment – and you have to prove 100% that you had nothing at all to do with the crime – you have to pay one third to the government for room and board. Guilty you pay nothing and they give you money.

  4. Why says:

    Ok, I’m stumped……how the heck to fight this without going broke?? I can think of a way but will let folks contemplate…….

  5. California southpaw says:

    Fight it. If you need an ambulance ride for a health issue they bring out the EMT and hook and ladder. Every time. They will try to charge ridiculous amounts of your money for those rides. Your taxes pay for that stuff and they know it. Fight it or ignore the bills. Been there.

  6. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    IRS garnishing your wages and SSI is same thing. Never proven guilty in court of law, but they get away with it.
    The masses do not understand how badly this must be eradicated, and that means as a group going after these people, and possibly using violence against them. They are willing to harm you to extort money from you, yet the masses can’t bring themselves to harm these thieves. Always playing the apologist for their punishers, like they didn’t really mean to do it, but the coffee and donuts made them do it.
    At least you know who you’re dealing with when it’s the mob, now we have the Boys in Blue Mafia.
    Along with their lawyers and judges.
    It’s bye bye time.

  7. C.R. says:

    This kind of garbage has been getting worse and worse. It started with changing the seizure laws in the “War on drugs” We have lost both protection from unlawful search and seizure,and our right to “due process” what happened to Innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt ? Now days if the forces of the govt. catch a person with more cash than “They ” think you ought to have they take it , and you need to prove that you aren’t involved in something shady ! Isn’t that about opposit of how things are supposed to operate?

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