Relied on that GPS, huh?

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14 Responses to Relied on that GPS, huh?

  1. Geoff R says:

    OK,I’ll bite,how did it get there so clean and with no tire tracks.Not even any mud on the wheels,an excellent driver.

  2. Unclezip says:

    “But in the commercials the all-wheel drive could go anywhere”. Why I carry 180 pounds of sand, chains, shovel, tow strap, and a flask.

  3. Doonhamer says:

    No. Relied on four wheel drive.
    Which is just as useful as two wheel drive if the driver is a tosser and has not learned how to use his/her very expensive toy.
    Car, Range Rover Evoque, hairdresser’s Chelsea Cruiser, is clean because it has street tyres/tires with not enough tread to chew up the sod and throw up mud.
    The driver is worried because it is his mum’s car and she will not be happy.
    Now is the time to read the manual, engage brain, use all the clever stuff that that car has and slowly reverse.

  4. Steve_in_CA says:

    And sandals with socks. Light in the loafers.

  5. J- says:

    Range Rover Evoque, $45,000.

    Not knowing how to drive off road, Priceless.

  6. downeast hillbilly says:

    Man up, walk out and call a local farmer with a tractor. Been there. I learned two things after moving to eastern NC. First, that damn near all of it is a frigging swamp. Second, a back roads map will LIE to you. Ask my wife, but you better sit down first ;-)

    • MauserMedic says:

      And the Piedmont is two inches of topsoil with three feet of clay under it. Had my four wheel drive sunk six inches into that by the time II quit slinging boards and rocks under the tires and called a tow truck to winch me out from the road. Had the other two wheel drive pick up just plain sink into the side yard during heavy rain last winter, but had a ’54 Ford tractor that time.

  7. JeremyR says:

    The road I live on is a dead end, but GPS shows it as a through road. The last half mile is a rutted double cow track. Luckily it is all up hill, so backing out is no problem. IF the weather is good.

  8. emdfl says:

    How damn stupid does one have to be to drive into that kind of muddy track in the first place – even with a real 4-wheel drive vehicle? He was probably still dealing with the after effects of the “O.M.G. hillary-lost” syndrome.

    • Soapweed says:

      Standard situation out in these zip codes after the cattle freshen up the ruts when wet. We’uns being “stupid” is an aside in the daily entertainment……..but we get trucks stuck.

  9. juju2434 says:

    Them BIG BAD tail pipe extensions should be all he needs to walk right out of there……heh heh

  10. paulb says:

    gotta love gps otherwise you would chuck it out on the next river crossing.

  11. parrotile says:

    The new “Range Rovers” are so far removed from my old Fleetline (ex Surrey Constabulary)! “Real” tyres, and decent ground clearance. Mine had been fitted with a rear LSD so it was “difficult to stop unless I chose to be REALLY silly!” These modern machines are really designed to appeal to those who “MUST have the right “Image” Car, Darling” – the vacuous, superficial with parental money to fritter away.

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