Scott Walker’s Call to Arms

America owes President Barack Obama an enormous debt of gratitude for showing how truly dangerous the federal government can be when our Constitution’s checks and balances start failing. With the active collusion of congressional Democrats, President Obama’s presidency has been one long series of body blows to the separation of powers that has protected our democracy since the founding. The results have been stark. Never has a president trampled so much on the prerogatives of Congress. Obama’s executive orders, suspending parts of our immigration laws and even his own prized Obamacare, have been sheer usurpations, going far beyond even the breathtaking delegations of legislative authority granted by the brief Democratic supermajority in Congress in 2009–10.

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One Response to Scott Walker’s Call to Arms

  1. Elmo says:

    I couldn’t agree with Governor Walker and the author of this article more. We have veered so far from the original intentions of the Framers of the Constitution that it’s hard to believe we’ll ever get back to the type of ‘government’ they envisioned.
    Thanks to WC and WD for bringing this story to our attention.

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