Seriously, man???

DECEMBER 29–A veteran Pennsylvania politician is facing indecent assault charges for repeatedly molesting a 103-year-old woman confined to a nursing home, according to investigators.

On three occasions this month, William Spingler, 75, allegedly groped the breasts of the victim, who resides at the Wayne Nursing Home in Delaware County.

As alleged in a criminal complaint, Spingler was first seen groping the mentally disabled victim on December 15. A nursing home employee told cops that she spotted Spingler touching the woman’s right breast and moving his hand “around her chest area in a manner that could not be misconstrued with anything else but inappropriate touching.”

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9 Responses to Seriously, man???

  1. Tom says:

    But what if she was a midget?

  2. Padawan says:

    Even Anthony Weiner has his limits. But hey, at that age there are apparently no limits any more. (That coming from someone who takes care of her 89 year old, bedridden grandfather on a daily basis.)

  3. fjord says:

    he needs t fall down a long flight of stairs. repeatedly.

  4. harbqll says:

    Odd how the party of this “Pennsylvania politician” doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the article…

    • Padawan says:

      Because they’re probably trying to hide that he’s a Douche and will most likely get away scott free. However if he were a Relephant the Douches would see to it that he publicly sway in the gentle afternoon breeze.

    • Andrew says:

      Follow the link. In paragraph 7 it states he is a Democrat. Paragraph 5 says the lady was his mother-in-law.

      What a miserable person.

      Read the comments below the story. A lot of those commenters would fit in nicely in amongst Wirecutter’s people.

  5. John h. says:

    Says he’s democrat
    John h.

  6. A Texan says:

    Sheesh, if he was that desperate, he should’ve sprung a couple hundred for a 30-year-old – and gotten more than a couple of gropes.

  7. Me says:

    It was his mother!

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