Shut up and listen

I don’t care that the Christmas season is just past or if you’re a non-believer or what – if listening to this 10 year old autistic girl doesn’t stop you in your tracks, there’s something wrong with you.

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15 Responses to Shut up and listen

  1. pdwalker says:

    Autistic? Prodigy.

  2. iAN says:


  3. eclectic kelvin says:

    Absolutely stunning voice. Amazing vocal range in such a young talented child. Thanks for the post

  4. idaho bob says:

    I first saw this on Brock’s site. It made my old eyes leak then, as it still does now.


  5. Bob(not says:

    Good news! There must be nothing wrong with me, I loved it.

  6. Pastor Brooks says:

    adorably moving …

  7. Angel says:

    It’s in her eyes. Everything you ever wanted to know about autism is in her eyes.
    Her voice is lovely, the battle is in her eyes.

  8. Michael says:

    Wow what a incredible voice…

  9. why says:

    from looking at the backup choir, this may be a “challenged” group. ALL of their voices were absolutely beautiful. But this young girl hit it out of the park. I can only imagine the Creator looking and listening with love – THIS is why Jesus said, let the children come to me……..(IMHO)

  10. RHT447 says:

    Yup. Saw this elsewhere before Christmas and did my best to share it. Still can’t watch it without Kleenex.

  11. The composer, Leonard Cohen, died about 2 months ago. I truly believe this was a heaven-sent gift from him… to us just as much as to her. Lots of pollen in Florida right now.

  12. I’m 78YO and that little girl had me leaking profusely. If I had not read the part about her autism I’d have never guessed! As long as the Adults don’t screw things up, I think she is in for a wonderful life. Beautiful young lady with an incredible voice!

  13. Timbo says:

    She is quite a pretty young girl, with a lovely voice.
    Thanks for posting this. :)

  14. ralph says:

    she has beautiful voice, but i also enjoyed watching the children fidgit in the choir, it is perfect in every way.
    thank you for posting this

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