Some of that Fake News they’ve been bitching about

The Washington Post reported Friday that the U.S. power grid had been hacked by the same Russian actors accused of breaching the DNC – the only problem, the grid wasn’t hacked.
According to the report, malicious “code” associated with Grizzly Steppe, the name given to Russian hacking operations by the Obama administration, was found within the system of a utility company in Virginia.

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2 Responses to Some of that Fake News they’ve been bitching about

  1. RPB says:

    A different and more comprehensive article stated that the “code” was found on a laptop – not the Utility’s main frame computer network – and was not connected to the network, or had any ability to connect to that network.
    Questions are: whose laptop is it; how did code get on it; why were supposedly responsible and vetted Utility employees allowed to have personal laptops in an otherwise secure facility, and if the laptop had no connection to the network, what is the problem?
    Considering the Governor and one of the Senators is a Lib/Dem and the other is a Lib/Socialist, sounds like a red herring to me. Just another way to erect more of a wall between the power brokers and the public.

  2. Unclezip says:

    There’s not a single electrical power station in this country attached to the internet. This bullshit is gonna get us all shot.

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