Thankee, Lord

God, I love this State.
It wasn’t too long ago I was pledging my allegiance to California, my place of birth, but after just less than a year I’ve realized I’ve found my home.
Bury me here.

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  1. Magnus says:


    I’ve been following your exellent website for a while now. Maybe you know from some of my previous posts that I’m from Sweden. I post this in this particular post because I couldn’t find a email address to you directly. I just wanted to ask you, and your followers what they think about the recent political development i the US. Furthermore, I would like to ask you about Edward Snowden.

    I know, after following your site for some years, that many of you looks at the federal state as somewhat an enemy. For me who’s living in a northern european country I would like to understand your way of seeing the state you live in contra the federal state. Why is gun regulation so important to you? Please don’t mistake my question for promoting some liberal gun control menace. I’m living in a country that have a very strict policy regarding civilians owning guns, and I just want to understand why this is a such important issue for you.

    Second, how do you feel about Edward Snowden? He’s been portarayed as a someone whos committed treason. He himself argues that he just defended the Constitution. What are your thoughts about this?



    • Wirecutter says:

      My Friend, please follow this up with an email to k59lane for a better answer.

    • Andrew says:


      Regarding gun regulation, our very basic laws (the Second Amendment) states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” What many of us are peeved at the FedGov and all the liberals and socialists out there are the last 4 words. What part of “… shall not be infringed.” is hard to understand. Our basic operating laws state plainly that weapons are the right of free men. Simple. And our nation has had a bad habit of restricting weapons from people the ruling party/persons (not always the same thing here) wish to oppress, from native Americans to blacks to ex-military service members.

      Thus, many of us do get ‘assed up’ over ‘gun control’ because of many reasons, one being that that is one of our fundamental rights. Other reasons are great, like for hunting or for sport, but the founders of our nation wanted to give the people the ability to protect themselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic. (Admiral Yamamoto, who planned the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, stated, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” The civilian vigilantes that rescued the City of San Francisco from criminals and corrupt government, in 1856, did so with privately held arms (including cannon, by the way.) The Korean shopkeepers who protected their property in Los Angeles during the riots of 1992 also expressed their fundamental rights of self-protection.

      As to Snowden, he did commit treason. He signed documents saying that he would keep his mouth shut and not tell or show anyone any information listed as confidential or top secret. And then he stole secrets and released them to people who weren’t authorized to receive those secrets.

      Did he release all his information for noble reasons? Or did he profit somehow? Did he do this to protect or harm the Constitution? Those are the questions that will ultimately determine the extent of his penalization, if he ever comes back to the USA.

      Considering what happened to some poor (and totally stupid) US Navy submariner who took selfies in a US submarine (surrounded by sensitive equipment, no less) so he could impress his ‘girlfriend,’ then what Mr. Snowden did will at least result in years of prison time.

      If his actions were for darker reasons, then his penalization should be much worse.

  2. Magnus it’s very simple …. It’s called Freedom !

  3. warhorse says:

    I was in millington,TN in 1990 for training. too damn hot for me. and getting thrown out of a bar before I could even order anything because “we don’t serve no yankees in heah” didn’t make it my favorite place. maybe because it was a military town at the time. I hear the base is pretty much closed now…

  4. Granny says:

    In answer to your question about why Americans are so adamant about keeping their guns; it is ingrained in their DNA and their psyche.
    The early colonists needed their guns for hunting and later for defense against the Native Americans they had pissed off.
    These days the need has changed.
    Americans feel deeply about this issue, and they truly believe that they need their guns.
    Some of it is a deep seated distrust of the Federal Government (with good reason), some of it is historical, “We have always had guns, and we always will.” Not open to negotiation,
    That is a right written in our Constitution,the Second Amendment which guarantees the right to bear arms.
    That’s it.
    I hope this helps you understand a little better.

  5. WiscoDave says:

    Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee
    What Love and Pride I Feel for Thee.
    You Proud Ole State, the Volunteer,
    Your Proud Traditions I Hold Dear.I Revere Your Heroes
    Who Bravely Fought our Country’s Foes.
    Renowned Statesmen, so Wise and Strong,
    Who Served our Country Well and Long.I Thrill at Thought of Mountains Grand;
    Rolling Green Hills and Fertile Farm Land;
    Earth Rich with Stone, Mineral and Ore;
    Forests Dense and Wild Flowers Galore;Powerful Rivers that Bring us Light;
    Deep Lakes with Fish and Fowl in Flight;
    Thriving Cities and Industries;
    Fine Schools and Universities;
    Strong Folks of Pioneer Descent,
    Simple, Honest, and Reverent.Beauty and Hospitality
    Are the Hallmarks of Tennessee.And O’er the World as I May Roam,
    No Place Exceeds my Boyhood Home.
    And Oh How Much I Long to See
    My Native Land, My Tennessee.

    “Written” by William P. Lawrence while a POW in Vietnam

  6. screwauger says:

    Hello Magnus. I’m sure Mr. Lane will clarify the detailed response to your inquiries. Overall, I am over-joyed at the election of Trump. I worked very hard, alienated many friends and family throughout the 2016 election process and likely, aged quite a bit fighting for a slowdown of the radical left swing the USA had been enduring for at least a decade or more. Trump represents an opportunity for our children to see that there is value in having principles and that, not everyone thinks or dreams the way CNN or the Leftists do. The effort to reduce our freedoms and to take our gun rights away is directly related to the fact that leftists (socialists, communists, fascists, etc) policies run in opposition to the will of the people. Those in power know this and they understand that it’s much safer (for them) to piss off half a nation if they are unarmed, if the ability to congregate with like minded (III%) folks is squelched and if, they maintain an army of brain dead followers like our current Country does. You too should fight for Freedom in your Country. Peace.

  7. RK Florida says:

    Patsy Cline can sing the phone book and bring me to tears. Simply beautiful.

    • rottylover says:

      Indeed. The voice of an angel. I guess we were lucky that God let us borrow her for even such a short time.

  8. Randy says:

    Welcome to the Southland Kenny. Only place I’ll ever live. Fewer rules and taxes, friendly down to earth folks.
    We’ve had a huge influx of Yankees from the north and Hispanics from the South, and almost everyone likes it here enough to stay for good. Can’t blame them. Makes for an interesting melting pot of people and cultures.
    I live about 50 miles north of Atlanta in the foot hills. It’s fun to watch our economy and development boom while the northeast and rust belt decay and decline.

  9. Remsdad says:

    Tennessee is our home too. We have been here 2.5 years and we plan to never leave, dig us a hole on our ridge and we will stay forever. Welcome, neighbor.

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