The ol’ Bait-n-Swing trick

An elderly man in Sarasota was arrested Thursday after he allegedly went swinging for sales and his alleged attack was caught on camera.
Police say 83-year-old Linsey Owens drove to a car sale outside the Westfield Sarasota Square Mall to claim a promotional prize he received in the mail. But, when the car salesman told Owens he would have to buy a car in order to get the prize, police say Owens became angry.
That’s when he hit the salesman with his car then beat him with a golf club.
The salesman captured the whole incident on camera.

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3 Responses to The ol’ Bait-n-Swing trick

  1. grayjohn says:

    Snail mail is full of spam and bullshit too. There is no free, don’t believe anything you get in your real mail box either.

  2. Winston Smith says:

    Put me on the guy’s jury and he’ll get a medal along with his Not Guilty verdict.

    People with spines are long missing on juries these days. If you get on one, do whats Right.

  3. James says:

    The old man screwed up,hit him with his car and yet that thief is still alive,better luck next time man.

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