Yahoo and the feds

Yahoo Inc’s secret scanning of customer emails at the behest of a U.S. spy agency is part of a growing push by officials to loosen constitutional protections Americans have against arbitrary governmental searches, according to legal documents and people briefed on closed court hearings.


Pro tip: stay away from electronic transmissions, even so-called encrypted email services, when discussing anything semi-sensitive. The USPS is making a comeback for stuff like this – handwrite your message, put no return address (or a false one) and mail it someplace away from your hometown.

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One Response to Yahoo and the feds

  1. The DA says:

    Aww, hell no.

    I send my wife incendiary links, all day, every day. The government is nothing, if not lazy. I suggest we do precisely the opposite of what you are suggesting.

    Send stuff every way, every day. By time all of the unlawful searches of ordinary, law-abiding Americans’ emails are all sorted through, there will be whole teams of unlawful investigators’ Depends, fully loaded. Give a poor government worker a daily gig or two to search through (preferably in comma-delineated, Excel format)

    I have no intention of baffling them all with brilliance. Bury ’em in bullshit.

    Hint: It’s all bullshit.

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