Who’s attacking the Drudge Report?

The Drudge Report, the highly trafficked conservative news website, has been knocked offline for extended periods of time over the course of the last two weeks, succumbing to large distributed denial of service attacks, according to its founder, Matt Drudge.

And it’s a mystery who’s behind it all.


I hit the Drudge Report 5-6 times a day for news.

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2 Responses to Who’s attacking the Drudge Report?

  1. Red Spur says:

    It wasn’t any anonymous kiddie scripters that i know of, probably a bunch of libtards that think they are hackers , heheh , gonna ask around though….

  2. Bigg Ale says:

    Drudge is a simple gateway for other web sites. I guess the libtards are mad that free thinking people can search multiple sites to reach their own conclusions…….

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