Seriously? During a history lesson?

A teacher who displayed the Confederate flag to middle schoolers in his history class was forced to retire amid concerns that he was displaying a symbol of hate.

70-year-old Sutter Middle School (Folsom, CA) teacher Woody Hart hanged both a Confederate flag and a Union flag during his lesson on the Civil War.

In a public statement (via the Sacramento Bee), Folsom Cordova Unified School District made suggested that he may have hung up the flag for some reason other than to teach the history lesson.


Shit like that wouldn’t fly around here, about half the vehicles on the road fly a Confederate Flag for their front license plate.

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  1. WiscoDave says:


  2. riverrider says:

    another reason to move there. here, there’s a running battle between yankee transplants and lexington residents over the flag. every time the yankee carpetbaggers yelp about it we put up another flagpole on private property in full view of the city. they gave the lee/jackson day parade permit to a bunch of fairies masquerading as mlk folks, so 300 or so reinactors came n brought their flags too, lol. they kept socv from the lee memorial on his namesake college campus though. the city would be a long dead ghost town were it not for lee/jackson et al. now the carpetbaggers want to shut down that and go all in on a horse arena. i don’t know how my horse people would be offended by the flag, but judging by the red ink so far it ain’t many. rally on the virginians!

    • John S says:

      Good to hear! Used to live there, my mom was born in The Jackson House when it was the hospital. Was back there not so many years ago, sure ain’t the town I remember it to be. Always was an interesting and eclectic mix of “intellectuals” and “hillbillies” what with VMI and Washinton & Lee being there. Sure are some killer musicians/songwriters around there, though I heard the City of Lexington pretty much ruined the opportunity to be a go to place for hear’n the local talent. That’s a shame if true. You know Pete Davis?

      • riverrider says:

        can’t say as i know pete. i live over the mountain from the city tho. yeah, if you aren’t w&l you ain’t crap around there. did you hear they want to take “lee” off of w&l? never amazes me how folks from crapville want to come someplace nicer and turn it into crapville too.

        • John S says:

          Yeah I did hear that. Unbelievable. I’m surprised no one has vandalized Lee Chapel or the Jackson statue down at the cemetery. Some cool ass headstones of Rev War and CW soldiers there. I used to own a piece of property once a part of the New Providence Church near Brownsburg. Was told Sam Houston’s brother was buried on it in a unmarked grave after committing suicide over a girl that married another man. They wouldn’t bury you in the cemetery proper after such a sin back in the day. Miss my ol’ Rockbridge County Virginny and all that cool history there. You can tell things have been taint’d by Yankee ways though for sure. They been chip’n away at it for a long time. My old buddy Pete had a band for a while there after HS that play’d locally, does stone work and writes the occasional nature/history article for the local paper and lives over on House Mtn last I heard. Maybe before your time, we both be push’n up hard onto our sixties these days. That damn horse arena sure has changed things. Don’t have nothin’ against horses, have owned a few myself, but between that place and them commie infiltratin’ professors at W&L, little ol’ Lexington just ain’t the same no more. Shor’n is pretty ’round there, I was lucky to have grow’d up some in them parts. Some good ass ol’ country boys back in them hollers still fer sure!

  3. Crotalus says:

    Don’t forget, this is the People’s Demokratic Republik of Kommiefornicate (PDRK), governed by Sacrademented.

  4. cato says:

    The more I see and hear crap like this, the Socialist/Progressive BIG Brother Government fiasco, unfettered immigration of muslims, BLM, riots, looting, MSM working against truth, freedom and the constitution, anti-Trump BS and foreign funding for one world government, the more I think the South Was Right.

  5. Andrew says:

    So, you can fly the flag of Mexico, Cuba, Commie China, the Soviet Union, ISIS, Iran, various African shitholes, and fly organizational flags for the American Communist Party, Black Panthers, Students for a Democratic Society, Anarchists, Angry Gays, and you can wear gang colors.

    But you can’t fly a piece of American History?

    Anyone think Mr. Hart knew his ass was out the door (does anyone believe that the Left really support keeping old people working?) and decided to make a statement about it?

  6. Padawan says:

    Hanged? Made suggested?

    I really want to know who decided the confederate flag was/is a symbol of hate. They deserve to be tarred, feathered then drawn and quartered.

  7. Dave says:

    As (Thankfully) a RETIRED Teacher, I am not surprised by this. I am also very willing to wager that this Teacher was on some Administrators Hit List. I.E. old, white, cranky, opinionated and probably conservative to boot. In other words a real man and old school teacher. Whose life revolved around his class & students.

    I am also willing to bet that he had a great and driving desire to do a good job on teaching his students. In other words a real hard nose that loved his job and his students best interests. (At age 70 he is still in the class room!?! That is what I call a dedicated teacher!)

    Unfortunately in this “enlightened age” & especially in this arena of work. The Phrase of “the Personal is the politics of hurt feelings” is extremely true. Especially now that Political Correctness and the issue of “Safety” can be used as a shield to “clean house”.

    Add to the witches brew of the small bunch of crazy parents that one has to deal with & their lawyers. Which makes one life at work so much fun to deal with. I swear that the last average student that was in the k-12 school was back in the mid 1960’s. Everyone now is either outstanding or exceptional at least. So God help you ! If you hurt their feelings or beliefs no matter how bad, racist or crazy it is.

    Couple this with the fact that most Teachers Unions are only good for is collecting your dues. Which they then send to the Democrats as Tribute. (My union had in over 20 years had filed only one law suit to protect one of our own. The “Lucky” one being one of the fair haired child of the union.) I also saw a lot of good to great teachers thrown to the wolves for lessor “offenses” with token help by the union.

    Also the issue of the teachers age comes up. As Older Teachers cost a hell of a lot more then a Rookie one due to the Teachers salary schedule. Which means the more time and degrees one has the more you cost the district budget.

    Then comes the issue of Tenure becoming involved. Since when you have a Rookie with less than 2 years in with the district. You can basically fire them any time you want. So Administrators like all bosses love the control that this gives them. I swear some of them live on fear, terror and coffee.

    Since getting rid of a Tenured Teacher is a big hassle that the District does not generally want to go thru. That and the Administrator then gets on the shit list of the Superintendent. When that happens your chances of future promotion go way down.

    That and you could be demoted back to the classroom. The Horror , the Horror! (I had one tell me once on how much ass they had to kiss to get out of the classroom because of burn out.)

    Bottom line I am glad that I escaped “The Game” when I did with my pension. The game being a parade of educational fads, mantras, political interference and the fear of using any kind of effective methods of teaching. In other words unreal expectations and delusional thinking.

    How I survived as a White, Straight, Male, Southern, Republican in this environment for over 20 years is beyond me. But I really do though miss and feel sorry for our Students in spite of it all.

    The only problems I ever had at school was not with them but with the so called “adults”. Since I was lucky and always had the best students for some reason.

  8. Tennessee Budd says:

    Kenny, a lot of Tennesseans (yes, I’m one) also have a battle flag on the back license plate–Sons of Confederate Veterans plates.

  9. Gnome Sane says:

    Pretty sure slave owners didn’t hate their slaves, racism does not equal hate.

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