And I thought it was my brain on drugs

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3 Responses to And I thought it was my brain on drugs

  1. Electrodynamics (movement of electrical currents)… also looks like the design of the synaptic clefts of cells in the brain. And, evidently, patterns created by the mind on drugs. Interesting that shows up in such seemingly disparate places.

  2. lineman says:

    Seen that a few times;)…Have a piece of green glass that was formed/fired by a downed powerline that I was called on to go out and fix…

  3. parrotile says:

    Lichtenberg Figure. The best ones are those formed in acrylic blocks. Create a few million volts space charge (via Betatron / Dynamitron or particle accelerator of your choice) then discharge to ground via a single point. There’s a US Company who specialise in producing these things commercially; we used to use acrylic blocks as a beam target whilst tuning our Medical Linacs for peak output (so I have a few of these in the loft!)

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