Angel posted that she can’t ride a bike…..

She probably shouldn’t have done that.

Photos from WiscoDave

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3 Responses to Angel posted that she can’t ride a bike…..

  1. Padawan says:

    Apparently she fails at anything with wheels.

  2. Granny says:

    Correction fellas, She CAN ride a bike, she simply chooses not to.

  3. favill says:

    Back in 07 when I was in Afghanistan I was watching a young lad riding his bike on the crap roads on the base. Back then the “roads” on the base were unpaved and had large rocks all over the place. Well this guy was bombing along on his bike then he must have gone into a pot hole or hit a rock…because then next thing I know he was going into the “road” like the top pic (he had his military helmet on–but he went in face first)…his front wheel separated from his bike he hit the rocks going around 20 or 30 mph… okay I laughed…then I went over to help him out.

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