Anybody smarter than me out there?

Why can’t I play streaming radio on my computer? I’ve had several readers send me links for old timey C&W and Bluegrass but when I click on the link to play, nothing happens.
Windows 10 (I don’t want to hear it), Google Chrome.

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  1. Fred says:

    Try a browser other than Chrome like Firefox or IE…

  2. Woody says:

    Maybe turn up the volume.

  3. Bobo the Hobo says:

    Windows 10 is a pain in the ass. I use Win10 and Chrome and have had the same issues. This might help:

    Look in the upper right-hand corner of your screen on the tool bar next to the little star for bookmark. If there is a funky-looking little squiggle, that’s Adobe. Right click that squiggle and you should get a pop-up asking if you want Flash to run on this site. Click “allow” and that should fix the problem. Also, make sure your speakers are on – yeah, I know but at our age senior moments are more frequent than not.

  4. SAM says:

    It’s been hacked by Russia, if some thing does not go your way it,s always hacked by Russia.

  5. Grayrazorback says:

    Try Vivaldi for stuff like that, it’s basically built on Chrome. There are instructions on how to make it portable if you Google that, so it’s all contained in one folder.
    I do that for sites that just can’t function with ad-blockers & such – that way, my main browsing stays secured-ish.

  6. taminator013 says:

    I had the same problem with Windows 10. Seems that you need a media player to stream music. What I did was went to the radio site, copied the address and pasted it into a shortcut on my desktop. When I want to play it I open it in Windows Media Player. The Groove Music app that came with Windows 10 didn’t work.

  7. John Zonk says:

    Not sure if bluegrass can be found, but try this:

  8. mark says:

    yeah other browsers are the way to go.
    OPERA was good, but it’s getting sucky
    Safari is another one.

  9. RBR says:

    Try, (Tune in Radio).

  10. Steven A Moore says:

    Chrome has an extension for radio available at the Chrome Store. Firefox has a plug-in as well.
    I don’t use IE any more than I have to, so can’t say.

    I’ll add Opera to Fred’s list. It’s what I prefer, and it works well for me.

  11. K9Kill says:

    Can you post the links so we can check them out?

  12. streaming says:

    There are numerous possibilities, the most likely one is that you are missing the small piece of software needed to handle that particular audio format. All audio (actually all data) is sent in tiny “packets” that must be opened, decoded, and then strung together. There are many different formats, not all software can decode all formats.

    How do you usually listen to audio files?
    Have you downloaded any audio software?
    Which format are you trying to access? (Check the URL, it will say something like “.mp3”.)
    Are you trying to listen directly from the webpage (embedded player) or another way (standalone player)?

    Easiest solution is figure out which format is being used and download the browser addition needed to handle that format.
    Best solution is probably to skip using the browser and instead just download a separate program used for streaming audio.
    Also be aware that if you download a whole bunch of stuff while you’re listening, it might cause a lag in the audio stream.

  13. Towser says:

    Google Chrome is your first problem here… Actually I don’t know ’cause I won’t use chrome. Google and the NSA has enough of my info already. There are too many things that can go wrong here. Shoot me a link and I’ll figure something out. If it is youtube, I use a firefox downloader addon and save it to my computer. If it is just an mp3 file you can just download it.

  14. Boba Oreally says:

    Not familiar with Chrome, but it may be some type of pop-up blocker?

  15. Grognard says:

    See now, WC has already answered his own question.
    Windows 10 has a known issue with streaming audio services.
    Researched HERE:

    solution= FireFox browser, or Opera, or Safari.

  16. Sanders says:

    What Fred said. I primarily use Firefox, but when I encounter a website that doesn’t work right, I’ll try a different browser like Chrome or IE to see if that takes care of the problem. Most of the time, it does.

  17. De Oppresso Liber says:

    Another Browser or Adobe Flash might need to be updated.

    I run into the problem once in a while with Firefox, when Flash updates it seems to be okay.

  18. edvolcker says:

    Post some of the links here, depending on the site you may need a plug in like Adobe Flash.

    Like Fred said, the first step in troubleshooting is try a different browser.

    Second disable any ad-blocker or security software. Not permanently, temporarily to identity what might be blocking, then you can go to the settings for that app and whitelist the site you trust.

    Here I am on the shitter trying to avoid work and you got me working.


  19. James says:

    Windows 10,don’t want to hear it?Hmmm…..,seems to be working fine then!

  20. somedude says:

    plays fine in my chorme, when you click on air, click listen live, click on the picture of the ole radio and a 2nd window pops up. it may be your computer/virus system is blocking pop window. try this site good CCW. or

  21. dotacion says:

    Winamp and VLC are just two media players which can stream.

  22. pdwalker says:

    with all this fine advice, were you able to solve your problem?

  23. PoppaGary says:

    I think the answer is, yes there is! :)

  24. reverendken says:

    The answer is ubuntu.

  25. GFxRocket says:

    Two problems there…
    Windows 10 – SUCKS
    Chrome – SUCKS

    My recommendation:
    Windows 7

    End of problems

  26. streaming says:

    Warning for those who suggested updating Flash. Yeah, if you use flash you need to update it regularly. But Flash is a major security issue and updating it doesn’t (inherently can’t) solve the problem. Adobe makes some decent software but Flash isn’t among them.

    I keep Flash disabled and only turn it on briefly if/when I need it, which is rare. And never for long enough to watch movies or stream audio, that’s like leaving your door wide open in da hood. Find another solution for media, almost anything else is more secure.

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