Damn, everybody’s hatin’ on Sammy

From Your Crazy Uncle Bubba HERE
Be sure to check out the tags on the post too. Looks like damned near everybody has him pegged.

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4 Responses to Damn, everybody’s hatin’ on Sammy

  1. JackieO says:

    Maybe power lines but I think he may have driven without releasing the air parking brake.

  2. Peace Pipe Puffin' Pawnee says:

    I’ve an Uncle Bubba…
    But I may be wrong.
    Being from Oklahoma, I’m not sure if he’s my uncle or my brother…..

    For those not familiar with southern terminology, bubba is a contraction of the word “brother” commonly used in the hillbilly/ redneck language.

    Smokin’ Okie

    • Wirecutter says:

      I call damned near every man Bubba if I don’t know their name and I’ve yet to have a single person get mad about it.

      • mathman54 says:

        And when they introduce you as my ______ Bubba, you know your reputation is made. For example, “This is Carl. He’s my mechanical bubba.” Boom, you are now the automotive maintenance guru that everyone can trust.

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