Farm girls

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8 Responses to Farm girls

  1. pdwalker says:


    i almost feel bad for eating them.

    • ExpatNJ says:

      I don’t. Remember that deer-gone-crazy story WC posted recently? Well, if a cow/heifer ever had the chance, it too would eat you and everyone you love. /sarc.

  2. Timbotoo says:

    Don’t play with your food.

  3. fjord says:

    which one is the ‘farm girl’ ?

    from the collar I’d say she’s a dairy cows.

  4. Padawan says:

    Never cuddle your food. Makes it harder when you eat them later.

    • ExpatNJ says:

      “A girl and her cow”.

      It’s important to be on a first-name basis with your animals. At least she knows where her food comes from …

      • fjord says:

        My girls never had a problem when we send steers to the butcher.

        Probably because they knew that if we didn’t raise them, someone else would, and maybe not as well as we do.

        although maybe not now, with the beef price in the toilet, I know guys with colored breeds that are shooting their (dairy beef) bullcalves in the head rather then send them to the auction. Because right now they are getting a bill for bullcalves under a hundredweight.

  5. KirK says:

    Either one would probably be quite tasty …

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