Good luck getting him out of the net

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12 Responses to Good luck getting him out of the net

  1. Padawan says:

    I thought they were good swimmers.

  2. LFMayor says:

    Lol, you mean he’s not grateful, just like on the Disney films!

  3. Matt says:

    A catfish?

  4. rayvet says:

    Idiot fisherman. Bobcats are very proficient swimmers and will swim from one bank to another regularly in their daily endeavors. I wish people would just leave wild animals alone when they see them. They don’t need our help.

  5. Ken says:

    Look at his ears. He’s pissed.

  6. flighterdoc says:

    OK now what does he do with it?

  7. Hillbilly says:

    Stupid do-good’ers. Wonder if they were dumb enough to bring it aboard the boat. Where’s that picture?

  8. partyzantski says:

    Maybe make things better by breaking out a bag of really good catnip and use a laser cat toy to distract it?

  9. POd American says:

    Do any of you remember the rabbit attacking Prez Carter while he was fishing? I remember seeing a bumper styled sticker on a boat transom shortly after this incident? The sticker said “Caution, I brake for rabbits.”

  10. Granny says:

    Verrry carefully and very slowly.
    Perhaps it might pause during the instant escape maneuver and claw his stupid balls off!! Karma

  11. Sanders says:

    I bet he was wishing he hadn’t caught it pretty soon after that picture was taken.

    My best friend was driving with his brother and hit a bobcat, one night. The cat was only stunned, and for some reason they decided to take it to the local vet, Dr. Sophia – an eastern european lady who hated people but loved animals. What was so odd, was that my buddy trapped – so you’d think he would have just stomped the bobcat’s head, then taken it home and and skinned it out.

    To make a long story short, they woke up Dr. Sophia and brought the bobcat into the examination room. The bobcat woke up and they gave the clinic to it.

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