Gotta be Tennessee

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13 Responses to Gotta be Tennessee

  1. Shane says:

    Turning sideways it looks like an EKG

  2. Dai says:

    summer tire suck in the snow

  3. Unclezip says:

    There’s a RECORD BREAKING SNOWFALL in the Portland area. 13.5 inches in 24 hours, and again the ODOT got snookered. We’re having a great time parking on the I-5 overpasses and watching the show. And no, I’m not nice enough to break out my straps and sand to help. There’s just too many of them. It will be even more fun in the morning, where the half-melted snow gets frozen in 20 degree weather. eck – I may even put on chains, just for practice.

    • John h. says:

      U may need em. In Tenn my Dad carried em in his trunk yr round!!
      John h.

      • Unclezip says:

        I’ve had a set for the Chev that has been through three trucks, and have been used maybe four times. Anymore I just use em for extra ballast. And I spend quite a lot of time in the snow.

  4. Winston Smith in TN says:

    You know, that could be intentional. In my younger days, ive been known to go play in the snow.

  5. Tennessee Budd says:

    That used to be the only fun part of snow & ice–grab a case of beer & go play!
    Unlikely to be a Tennessean, though. One of us would probably have hit the light pole.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Or popped it in a ditch.
      They don’t salt my road after you get out of Lafayette and the other day I counted 4 spots in a 5 mile stretch where people went off the road.

  6. Gnome Sane says:

    Chains are a solid investment.

  7. Grandpa says:

    could be n. Georgia… must be out of beer, no other reason to be that determined

  8. Mike says:

    Viewed this last night, after 2 glasses of wine, and thought WTH?
    Much clearer this morning.

  9. Grognard says:

    nah. that’s a sure sign of a desperate soccer mommy, out to get her daily bottle of wine.

  10. C.R. says:

    We had freezing rain and then some snow last night . I am one of the custodians at the local high school ,and as I was locking up I watched some kid roll in the parking lot and try to do donuts with a front wheel drive little shitbox . He would just let it rip get sideways and put it into reverse to make it spin out. He had to have shortened the life of that car by a few thousand miles the way he was beating on that car.

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