Harlots of the Barbary Coast

There was such a dearth of females in the San Francisco of gold-rush days that a woman was almost as rare a sight as an elephant, while a child was an even more unusual spectacle. It is doubtful if the so-called fair sex ever before or since received such adulation and homage anywhere in the United States; even prostitutes, ordinarily scorned and ostracized by their honest and respectable customers, were treated with an exaggerated deference. Men stood for hours watching the few children at play; and whenever a woman appeared on the street, business was practically suspended. She was followed through the town by an adoring crowd, while self-appointed committees marched ahead to clear the way and to protect her from the too boisterous salutations of the emotional miners.

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8 Responses to Harlots of the Barbary Coast

  1. Dave says:

    The lady in the picture sure looks a lot better than some of the hogs that are running around today. Yes I mean you Walmart hag. Of course this is what you get when Society gets rid of shame as a social policy. Folks just run wild.

    Thank God I got one of the few decent and honorable women left in this country to marry me!

  2. Elmo says:

    They liked their women full-bodied back then, didn’t they?

    • Andrew says:

      Back then? Zaftig has always been popular, contrary to what the fashion designers and the hollyweirdos tell us.

  3. POd American says:

    It was an excuse for fags in 19th century SF, which bolsters the theory of the monkeys, bananas, and water hypothesis of why there is a huge population of fags there today.

  4. POd American says:

    I failed at humor to link the monkeys beating each other up long after the bananas were removed an a lack of women in the 1800s to gays in SF today. Just a bit obtuse!

  5. Cederq says:

    I thought this was your “Good Morning Girl” Mr Cutter… I am thinking she is better looking and warmer in the winter then the one you posted…

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