In case ya missed it

From yesterday afternoon:

After several emails from folks wanting to donate money to me but don’t do paypal, I finally broke down and got a PO box today. Believe me, I don’t want to hold you up if you insist on sending me money. I receive a small pension but it barely covers living expenses and that’s if nothing extra pops up. I’ve yet to have a month where something extra didn’t pop up – we all know how that goes. Your donations are hugely appreciated, trust me on that – more than once they’ve made a difference and for that we’re grateful.
It’s also nice to know that the work here is appreciated.

Kenny Lane
PO Box 712
Lafayette TN

The address is also posted in my sidebar where the paypal address is.

I hesitated on letting the general public know just where I lived because of the bullshit with Kerodin this past year and a half. It was just easier to let everybody know I lived in middle Tennessee, but then Sammy decided a couple months ago to post my town and the road where I lived on one of his many blogs so what the hell, right? And to think that Kerodin calls me the stalker….. I could go on and on about what I think about that little pink handed bitch-ass fucking coward but I’m pretty sure y’all have already figured it out.

Speaking of donations and paypal, I received a notice from paypal a couple weeks ago saying they would no longer furnish the email address of the donor unless the donor specifically checks a box allowing them to share that information with me. Please, if you donate through paypal, check that box. I won’t share your email but I really feel the need to write a short thank you note to you for thinking of me. Manners and shit, you know?

Okay, I live in Macon County and the nearest town is Lafayette (la-FAY-ut, not lahfee-et), population about 5000.
I love it here – think Mayberry, yeah? We’ve got a town square, everybody is friendly to everybody, English is the language you hear in the Walmart and I have never seen a panhandler here.
Even the cops are cool. I’m on a first name basis with a lieutenant in the sheriff’s department and yes, he’s been out here to visit – even my dogs like him. The sheriff’s deputies wave at me when they’re on patrol and they don’t even slow down to investigate if they hear me shooting when they drive past. Hell, they’re welcome to pull in and pop off a few rounds too if they want.
There are only 2 small towns and no railroad tracks in the entire county, the nearest freeway is 40 miles away and there’s only one small stretch of 4 lane highway. The only sounds I hear when I’m outside of my house at night are cattle bawling, hounds baying and coyotes howling.
Speaking of Walmart, usually whenever one moves into a town they drive all the local businesses out of business by undercutting their prices. That hasn’t happened here – there’s still several small family owned markets, hardware stores and other shops and they’re doing well. Folks around here believe in spending their money locally and supporting the friends they’ve had all their lives.

I think I’ve done well in picking my retirement home, don’t you?

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13 Responses to In case ya missed it

  1. Devil Tongue says:

    Well SHIT, W.C., my eldest daughter lives there as well. I will be there for her wedding, March or April & to see my latest grandson. Hope to see you then?

  2. BillyK says:

    Yep…Iive in Springfield, LA..20 miles to interstate, grocer and hardware…we do have a Dollar General
    When I hear gunfire I know it’s hunters

  3. dirtdigger44 says:

    maybe next month for sure

  4. Grandpa says:

    …this is one of the times when a good choice made a good story. I’m happy for you brother. Good lady, good place to live – good story. Blessings.

  5. Wildbill says:

    Love living in the country,out little town has one blinking light.Wouldn’t go back to city for hell or high to you and yours.

  6. Devil Tongue says:

    My bad, W.C., they live in LaFollette, TN.

  7. rnowtrman says:

    just donated via Paypal….
    keep up the great work and the good fight!


  8. I used to work for TDOT and have been through “Laugh-at-it” many times. It’s been better than 20 years since then, but I really liked the place back then.

  9. FL Awtha says:

    proof positive that we MUST federalize the police completely! shoot in your own backyard!? no happiness allowed; you must suffa’!

  10. Ian Restil says:

    “hat I think about that little pink handed bitch-ass fucking coward”

    Could you share with us how you really feel?

    I’d hoped that getting out of that toxic state of California would start to get you in touch with your feelings, and begin to be able to open up and share. But apparently not, or at least not yet.

    Some say plaid onesies and hot cocoa can help …

  11. anonymous says:

    Sounds like a way cool place to grow some roots, must be a major change of pace from California. I’ve heard a lot of Louisiana born people pronounce Lafayette as “Laugh-Yet”.

    Appreciate the snail mail addy, I’ve been a read for a while now and feel bad I don’t get to chip in for CGD snacks. i’m one of those dinosaurs that don’t have Pay Pal, Face Book or any of that crap – I never even had a credit card of my own.

    You and the family have a great day.

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