Milfy reruns

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14 Responses to Milfy reruns

  1. screwy-nutty luis says:

    Good work Ken, all those puppies are good for a couple of hundred hits starting out the new year.

  2. Oscar2Marine says:

    Great looking group ! Thank you for cheering me up !

  3. Jeff says:

    Absolutely nothing wrong with reruns!

  4. Gnome Sane says:

    Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom

  5. Geoff R says:

    Why,WHY,does No11 have to do her own work.Surely she could get volunteers to do the hard stuff.

  6. Michael says:

    Great way to start the new year….

  7. realspark21 says:

    Yep…and they could be sub-titled any of the following:

    1. Someone is getting lucky tonight
    2. Husband discovered vacuum, dishwasher, and washer/dryer combo in the same day
    3. Just finished romance novel
    4. Saw puppies and cute baby meme on Facebook
    5. Decided to lower expectations of perfect man
    6. Merlot from girls night out just kicked in
    7. Realized the biological clock is ticking
    8. The lights came on at the club


  8. Ragnar says:

    I like the second one from the top. Speaking of top, betcha’ that falls off before she finishes that glass of wine. Very nice.

  9. Hale says:

    The funny part is, none of those women thought the men taking those pictures would post them on the internet. They trusted those guys completely. Fools.

  10. The Old Man says:

    Amigo, the first photo slaps you as hard as a frozen cod upside da head…. TYVM

  11. spaz says:

    nice spread so very nice

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