Navy sailor invokes Hillary Clinton defense

A former Navy submariner sent to prison for photographing his ship’s classified engine compartments has filed a presidential clemency request, arguing that President-elect Donald Trump should realize the sailor was a “scapegoat” amid the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified material.
The paperwork was filed Monday with the Justice Department’s office of the pardon attorney, which now will conduct an investigation.

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4 Responses to Navy sailor invokes Hillary Clinton defense

  1. Andrew says:

    Good luck with that. Service members have always (well, since WWII) been held to higher standards than their political overlords.

    But, it would be funny if it worked.

  2. nonncom says:

    You have to be a politician who knows where all the bodies are buried for that to work….we’ll see him in August….

  3. B says:

    Sorry dude, both he and Hillary should be in jail. I would have been, had I done what he or she did back when I held a clearance.

    He has a better chance under “equal protection under the law”…since she got of (under “intent”) then he should as well.

  4. Ed357 says:

    Try that with the next trooper that stops you for speeding…

    “But officer…I didn’t have the intention to be break the law…I was just in a hurry!!!”

    Yeah….that’ll get you out of the ticket.

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