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Let me guess – a dissatisfied customer

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I was hoping we’d heard the last of that asshole

Former President Barack Obama said just before leaving office that he wanted to give the new administration space — unless President Donald Trump took some sort of extreme action. “But there’s a difference between that normal functioning of politics and … Continue reading

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That shit don’t wash any more

During an anti-Trump protest in Seattle this weekend, an activist associated with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement took to the megaphone to voice her support for, among other things, “killing people,” and “killing the White House.” MORE/VIDEO

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Precision plumbing

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I’m sure she’s taken, men

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Damn, this brings back memories

If I had a dollar for every woman that flipped me off or told me to fuck off…

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Seriously? During a history lesson?

A teacher who displayed the Confederate flag to middle schoolers in his history class was forced to retire amid concerns that he was displaying a symbol of hate. 70-year-old Sutter Middle School (Folsom, CA) teacher Woody Hart hanged both a … Continue reading

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Why I lost my job as a maintenance man

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Morning, Luis

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In case you were wondering…

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I got nothin’ here. Not a damned thing.


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Angel posted that she can’t ride a bike…..

She probably shouldn’t have done that. Photos from WiscoDave

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Why does Sammy come to mind?

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Oh, fuck you

Protesters at the Denver airport over the weekend were told by police that it was illegal to exercise “free speech without a permit.” MORE

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Hey, everybody needs something to love

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Okay, this is kinda cool…..

Tapeworms are generally loathsome and creepy parasites, and it turns out their removal can be pretty unsavory as well. A medical report recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine notes that doctors in India rid a man of … Continue reading

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Funny, he doesn’t look asian to me

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Everybody’s favorite day of the week!

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Oh well

Quebec City Police say several people are dead after shots were fired inside a mosque on Sunday night during evening prayers. Multiple people are also feared wounded. Their condition is not known at this time. Quebec City Police Const. Étienne … Continue reading

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You bet

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