Right hand fast left hand slow

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2 Responses to Right hand fast left hand slow

  1. Dan says:

    actually, this guy is still using a single stage rockchucker for his 50 bmg ammo.

  2. pigpen51 says:

    My dad was friends with a dentist who was friends with Dizzy Dean. Dizzy was doing broadcast work by this time and my dad and the dentist went up into the pressbox to let my dad meet Dizzy Dean. Bud Harrelson stopped by and my dad got to meet him as well. My dad said that Harrelson’s right arm was 50% bigger than his left from throwing the ball over to first from shortstop all those years. I hope that is the reason. My dad also said that Dizzy Dean had a thermos of bourbon with him in the booth and was half lit, but that he was a neat guy. Super huge personality, outgoing, salesman type. Dad said he was the kind of guy that once you met him, you would never forget it the rest of your life. I think that baseball misses men like him. They come around once in awhile, but not like they used to.

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