Talk about wanting to be left alone…

Holy Trinity Monastery, Greece

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12 Responses to Talk about wanting to be left alone…

  1. Rick says:

    Isn’t that the one in the Bond movie “For your eyes only” ?

  2. Mike says:

    Pizza delivery guy is going to earn his tip.

  3. favill says:

    You can tell that once upon a time…monasteries were targets for thieves and roving bands of armed men….why else would you put a monastery in location that is an excellent defensive position? Note the only access road might only allow two or three people to march abreast (perhaps only one at a time) and is very steep–if one pours boiling oil the attackers would have a hard time going up especially if there are archers manning the walls (whose arrows would be working with gravity while the opponents arrows would be working against gravity). Chances are there is a natural water source and crops to feed the inhabitants within those walls should the “gates have to be barred.” Even if the enemy had siege engines…they couldn’t get it up that spiralling path in any large numbers. Ofcourse, if we were using modern weapons it would be much easier–but if you only had to count on swords and bows and arrows…you’d lose a lot of men before you even got to the gates.

  4. Padawan says:

    It’s Warhorse’s dream house.

    • warhorse says:

      nah. no range and no way to really raise livestock (other than chickens, pigeons or rabbits) or real crops. you might put in a good garden though.

      my dream house would have a 500 yard range, minimum.

  5. markm says:

    favill: I wouldn’t expect a rocky crag like that to have a water table, so no wells. The monastery probably captures rainfall and hauls water up the path when needed. It would have stored water for at least several days, and maybe a few weeks. It’s a great defensive position against raids by Saracens, Vikings, and other barbarians (which once included quite a few Crusaders), but it isn’t built for a long siege – and doesn’t need to be. Raiders will try once or twice, and then go away before the authorities raise an army against them. When an invading army comes to stay, besieging a monastery will be low priority until and unless it has defeated all military targets and conquered the country. They’d only come after the monastery when their conquest was complete, and then, whether it can stand a siege for a few days or a few years, any unconquered fortification has to make a deal with the conquerors. A better fort would just make it more likely that the conqueror would wish to dispossess the monks of their fort rather than just receiving obeisance and tribute, and more likely that they’d fight hard enough to be massacred when the enemy finally broke in.

    • Cricklewood says:

      They built em to keep the Turks out and went up and down using ropes n ladders. The stairs are a fairly recent addition @ 100 years ago…

    • favill says:

      I was looking at the trees…you don’t usually get trees that size if there isn’t ample water. But I acknowledge your point about a monastery being low in priority for an invading army…I was thinking more along the lines of a determined gang of thieves or wandering mercenaries that wanted to pillage Church wealth.

  6. Kevin says:

    I love it. It has quiet vacation written all over it! I see the gym, the gun range, the shop, the kitchen, the pool, and all that other stuff. Yeah that would be a great “leave me alone” place.

  7. Joe says:

    Just don`t get drunk and stagger around this place.

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