Tennessee weather

Mid teens for the lows last week, mid 60s for the highs this week. It’s 64 degrees outside right now at 0040. It’s warmer right now than it was at 1500 hrs today – that’s 3 PM for you regular folks and Sammy. Lafayette’s bass and bream pond was frozen Saturday when I went by, thawed completely today. Yes, my town has a public pond, how fucking cool is that? Yes, I’ve fished it. No, I didn’t catch shit but it was after the weather cooled.

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4 Responses to Tennessee weather

  1. skybill says:

    Hi Kenny!!,
    Ya’ remind me of when I left Ca. in ’96 wit Scurvy Irvin Aerospace for the Sunny skies of NC!! in FEB!!! and the biggest Ice STORM in 10 years!! All I could say was, Holey S#1t!! The “South is like that…depending on where “YAT’!” Ya’ gotta come down to S/E La. it’s “Mardi Gras Time!!” I’m easy…I’ll be your “Tour Guide” “Fee?????” I’m real easy..”Nothing!!”….maybe a Bud light or two that’s all!! Let me know!!!!??
    Yer’ Man In Manchac,
    PS, usedta’ close with that comment to Mike V. when I’d write him when he was still with us. In just a few months, if that much, will be one year that he is gone from us!!!! Time Flies!!

  2. Glider Rider says:

    Man if you ever get down this way Ken, give me a shout. We have more ponds and bayous than you can fish in a lifetime down here.

  3. Jeff Campbell says:

    Same way on the NC side of the mountains. No wonder everyone is getting sick.

  4. ExpatNJ says:

    THAT is PRECISELY why I retired to the Deep South (even further south than you, WC).

    70’s and no snow to shovel? Sign me up!
    Lower heating bills? Bonus points.
    Ulterior motive? Women wear less clothes when it’s warm …

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