Why you don’t pull over on country roads

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  1. Granny says:

    Also why you don’t drive in Bali. Water buffalo are nasty critters, Avoid, avoid avoid.

  2. Gator says:

    How apt. Just today I did exactly that, and framed out on my passenger side. All I was doing was turning around, it looked more or less solid, but I just wasn’t paying attention. As soon as I felt my truck slide I knew it was stuck. I put it in 4 low and rocked it a few feet, but all I was doing was sliding. I got out to take a better look at what I was dealing with, and I knew I was stuck. I got back in my truck and couldn’t move. I gave up trying since I knew I’d only make it worse. I was able to get winched out without issue. Only problem was I couldn’t drive over 50 on the way back since the mud caking the wheels was making it shake like it was out of balance.

    Its a Z71 tahoe with 33’s, and the back tire was all the way buried and still didn’t find the bottom. Stupid posi-trac difs really suck in situations like that. My driver side tires were still on the damn gravel road but they barely even spun, all the power went to passenger side which were buried under 3 feet of mud. Good times. First time Ive gotten that truck stuck in 8 years of owning it.

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      Nothing like thinking you have 4wd, and don’t!
      I hate that shit for the same reason, whenever you need it, 2 wheels are worthless. Next go around, I’m getting lockers. Toyota 4Runner I should think.

  3. OLD H2S says:

    This is for 0321,
    I was in Recon, one DARK night on patrol in the middle of nowhere we kept hearing a little noise…. We formed a “tight 360″ where you form a circle everyone pointing out wards and slowly collapse the circle inward tighter and smaller, little did we know we were collapsing on a Water Buffalo in a mud hole, backwards, that thing got scared and blew out of the hole with a bad attitude. It was very funny but we were ‘jacked up” and shaking for quite awhile. It was not reported.

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      I was point, diddybopping down a narrow jungle trail in Mindoro P.I. and ran right into one of these, staked out by his nose to graze on the grass growing in narrow corridor of light. Took me awhile to get my breathing under control too. Can’t remember how we got around him either. That jungle was thicker than shit.

      Who were you with/when?
      I was 1/9 in 73-74, then 2nd Recon Bn 74-76.

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