Okay, I don’t know who sent me the link to WQAH old school country a few weeks ago but this shit is starting to piss me off. I’ve turned my ad blocker off, added the extension to Chrome and it still won’t play.

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  1. The DA says:

    Is this the link?

    You’ll need Javascript enabled and Adobe Flash installed to listen live.

    Worked fine in Firefox for me.

  2. Nemo says:

    Are you also using Ghostery? If so, you’ll need to turn off blocking the player that actually renders the sound. Also, if you’re using Spyware Blaster or some other anti-malware browser protection, you’ll need to figure out if that is blocking the player. Have fun!

  3. kracman says:

    If you are using Adblock Plus as your ad blocker, click on Options then click on the Whitelist tab and then add the domain name to the list .

  4. BWBandy says:

    Everybody needs Jim Reeves.

  5. Robert says:

    Not sure this will help but you can listen to many radio stations across the world:

  6. Jeffery in Alabama says:

    It was I who sent you the link Kenny. I’m sorry to hear you are having problems. I use Chrome and as far as I know I’ve not monkeyed with my factory settings and haven’t experienced any problems. It sounds like you are getting some good advice. Maybe you’ll get it repaired soon. I know it doesn’t help you any, but I am local and get it on FM 105.7. Most nights it is receivable as far north as the TN/AL line above Athens, AL (and I realize you are closer to KY). I also have their APP on my phone and I use that when out of range traveling. Nobody who enjoys, Classic Country, Jerry Clower, Bluegrass Saturday Night, Sunday Morning Gospel, livestock reports, and Carol Lynn can’t go very long without a shot of good ‘ol WQAH! Good Luck Jeffery

  7. 3rd time is the charm.Point and click on the green dots for live streaming radio.Larger ones are multiple stations and will be listed in lower right.Hope this helps you get your dose.

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