“You’re Fired”

In a stunning turn in a four-day drama that has defined his young presidency, President Trump, at 9:16 p.m. Monday, announced the firing of the acting attorney general who had defied him on his migrant-travel ban, saying she “has betrayed the Department of Justice.”

Until the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as attorney general, Trump named Dana J. Boente, a 31-year Justice Department veteran, as acting A.G.

Boente was sworn in within an hour of the announcement, AP reported.

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21 Responses to “You’re Fired”

  1. Exile1981 says:

    She should be arrested for her failing to follow the law and loose her government pension.

  2. Miles Long says:

    Damn… 9:16 PM on a Monday night, & the new temp was in within the hour. He’s working overtime.

  3. Mike says:

    The man don’t fuck around. You’re on board or out the door. No safe spaces. I like it.

  4. crazyeighter says:

    “Serves at the pleasure of the President…”

  5. Ed says:

    That’s right, Don’t Fuck with President Trump. This is a perfect example of what will happen!

  6. carl butler says:

    In the immortal words of da_truth36, “Goddamn skippy”

  7. Sarge says:

    …. and it’s only been eight day’s !

  8. BobT says:

    Awesome. A President with some balls.

  9. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    I remember walking into a buddy’s barracks in 1974 at Camp Geiger, big brand new 3 story hotels, and the place was a fukn pig sty, filthy floors, hardly any bunks, and the first thing thru my mind was “They have no leadership. No Officers/SNCO’s to keep these folks squared away”. Even if it were a transient barracks it shouldn’t look like this.
    Well, that’s where the US has been for a long time now, and looks like we got us a new CO. He’s cleaning house, and we’re gonna shine again!

  10. Smokin Okie says:

    Gettin’ the job done !!!
    My admiration for the “Big D!” grows and grows !!!!
    Bustin’ down doors and making lesser men tremble in their penny loafers !
    MAGA ain’t some bitch slogan !
    Make ’em cry ……

  11. Gordon says:

    Vindictive little shit. Ain’t he.

    • kennymac says:

      Expecting people to do their jobs is vindictive?

    • truthzzzz says:

      Like firing a contractor who “knows” that the building should be built on the lot next door and not the planned and permitted lot.

      She can always say that she got a “YOU”RE FIRED!” from President Donald Trump.

  12. idaho bob says:

    Major applause!


  13. Granny says:

    Hooely Dooly! At last a President with the balls to kick some ass.
    Be still my beating heart.

  14. kennymac says:

    This is awesome. These pampered freaks who have been working for the government are being reminded that they really work for the people. Anyone who thinks Trump is off base with this immigration stand needs to investigate why Sweden is now considered a failed state and the rape capital of the Western world.



  15. Padawan says:

    Good for him. It’s about time we have a president with a set of brass balls.

  16. mdfuller56 says:

    I have looked for many years at DJT as an over-indulged, rich playboy with incredibly boorish manners especially with regard to his wealth. His bragging and constant ostentatiousness just turned me away. Until he ran for President I knew virtually nothing about his outstanding family and his incredible work ethic.

    The guy has turned out to be the hardest worker I’ve ever seen. His no alcohol – no drugs, high-energy lifestyle is paying off for him now and for us. I have learned a completely new respect for the guy.

    If the time comes we conservative old farts must hit the streets to back him, I will gladly and with great pride rise to the occasion and put my ass on the line for my CinC. Best damn leader this country has had in a loooong time. And boy do we need him to keep kickin ass.

  17. He would have fit right in with the founders. Just getting business done. If he had been at Lexington not only would the redcoats been crying and dying all the way back to Concord he would have built three factories and a four lane highway along the way! MAGA!

  18. RottyLover says:


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