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Hey Kenny,
Hopefully this rambling will make some sense. You, hopefully, may be getting other emails from attendees with their comments – or – they’ll comment on this as I try and get the ball rolling. FYI: you ARE highly thought of and many approached me to ask me to tell you that and add that they truly appreciate your blog and what you do. Hopefully you can still leave your house with your big head…
Here goes:

Just completed the 2 day Austere Medicine Class held by Matt of Midwest Disaster Medical ( I would say in one word that it was awesome.
Both days were packed with a head spinning amount of information that was delivered in a clear, concise and very understandable manner. Matt is one of those individuals that truly has the knowledge and the passion to teach in a manner that really gets the information across. His extensive first hand experience is conveyed in anecdotes of success and failure that illustrate the points he is making.
While 2 days is nowhere near enough time to pass on the full body of knowledge that would be needed in a “grid down” scenario the course material is set up and presented in such a manner that makes you aware of what is needed and allows you to build on that base knowledge to better prepare yourself and your group.
The class is hands on intensive. One of the more interesting parts was the use of Matt’s own designed teaching aids for IV administration. Individuals paired up and went through the entire process of IV administration using a variety of needles and setups. I would say the next best was the section on wound closure (once again using one of Matt’s creations). I’ll admit my stitches aren’t pretty but you will have a bitchin’ scar to tell stories about…
Throughout the class Matt stresses the need to have ability with a variety of different methods – you can stock what you want to use but you need to be able to adapt to using what you might “find.”
Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of “issues” was covered. Plenty of “neat stuff” went home with each attendee.
I would strongly encourage each of you to take this course whenever it is offered. Matt is capable of taking the show on the road so please do not hesitate to contact him about that.

And yes, he DID cover RACcoon bites…


Possum bites, Dave. Did he cover possum bites as well?

Thanks for the review, Wisco, I printed it exactly except for the emphasis on RACcoon. I didn’t want you to be accused of being a racist because in the immortal words of Nervous Holly “Everybody knows, your Honor, that ‘coon’ is a racist term meaning people of color”.

If you’re interested in taking this class, hit the link in the review.

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6 Responses to Austere Medicine Class review by WiscoDave

  1. WiscoDave says:

    Sorry, Kenny. I don’t remember anything about possum bites.

    • guy says:

      “Possum bites, Dave. Did he cover possum bites as well?”

      I agree, for the same reason why ‘so, you’re at ground zero, now what?’ never really is elaborated in training.

  2. Chris says:

    Something about “sucking the poison out” comes to mind!

  3. Michigan Doug says:

    Link goes to site over a year old.Nothing about new classes.

    • WiscoDave says:

      Contact Matt to set one up. He’s pretty much doing it on demand now. See if there is interest in your area and talk to Matt.
      If I can help things along get in touch with me.

  4. Robert says:

    The class rocked. Recommended.

    Summary: When the grid goes down, yer all gonna die. No, wait, that’s my prepper neighbor.

    We covered:
    1) Diseases most likely to crop up and how to treat (rehydration via the butt was… educational)
    2) Stickin’ needles in people
    A) to get stuff into them
    B) to sew bits back together
    3) Cutting off arms and legs in OMG too many steps; nevermind yer gonna die.

    Cutting open and treating the giant abcess was disgusting. Matt’s training aid was superb.

    AND we got to take home a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff and suturing practice stuff.

    I badgered a friend into reluctantly attending and now she wants more more more!

    Pro-tip: don’t drop and lose your suturing needle in your lap. Don’t ask why. Trust me.

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