For the record, I never went to school in England

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  1. warhorse says:

    they closed the whole school for that? what happens when a student rips a good fart, do they take half the day off?

  2. Granny says:

    Pulling out soap box and preparing to have a rave:
    Kids are learning to hate a school system that is still obsessed with bar pressing for M & M’s The industrial era is history. We do not need to train our children to respond to bells. We need to get them excited about learning. If they feel like failures because they can’t conform to the required regime, they are smart enough to figure out that the system is fucked.
    Bright children are forced to dumb down to keep the slow ones from ‘feeling bad’. Tough titty kitty.
    Bullying is a fact of life in every school. Kids need to be taught how to fight back. Then maybe we won’t have a series of pissed off kids returning to their dear old Alma Mater and blowing the shit out of anyone that crosses their path. Thank you for listening.

  3. Elmo says:

    When asked for comment as to why he did it, the youthful offender replied “I didn’t really give a shat”.

  4. Michael says:

    That must have been one toxic dump if it forced school to close.

  5. Tal says:

    The exam was in his Film Studies class.
    What an idiot.
    And what a world. I can think of hundreds of more beneficial classes that few “educators” seem to remember.
    Once we get beyond RRR we can branch out to things like Infantry Squad Tactics and how to assemble a IFAK.

  6. olds-mo-william says:

    Shat?! Yep, Brits…

  7. SAM says:

    Have any of you read what the Mother says it’s the last two paragraphs?

    Mum Whitney Gardner 29 [son is 16] , respired “It’s not our Mason’s falt. He’s got that LAPD and the doctors says he can’t have any more of that rin-tin-tin be-cause he sells it to the junkies on the rec .” “It’s not fair. I’m off down that so-cial first thing Monday morning [which I’ll bet for her is about 3PM] because me nana says I can get compo says she saw it on Heir Hunters.”

    The odd thing people like this womn are the target buyer for this paper The Sunday Sport
    Heir Hunters is a TV show about probate detectives looking for distant relatives of people who have died without making a will.

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