Gotta be California (again)

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18 Responses to Gotta be California (again)

  1. Padawan says:

    Where else would it be?

  2. Tractordude says:

    Nice socks!

  3. Bogdaddy says:

    Klinger got home! ;o)

  4. loaded4bear says:

    This is why Hillary wears pants suits.

    • POd American says:

      I truly get the hairy leg reference, but these ankles are proportionately normal. Hillary is reputed to have a set of fetlocks that would embarrass a champion polo pony.haha

  5. C.R. says:

    Is that an Australian flag flying in the background?

  6. Cavguy says:

    Looks like it

  7. Spiro says:

    Canberra, must be one of our feminist, pro gay, pro abortion female politicians outside our Parliament.

  8. Granny says:

    Yup, that is Parliament House, Canberra, Australia. Spiro covered it.

  9. Cederq says:

    Well, California is sorta close to Australia… closer then most of us.

  10. NTS says:

    That’s the chicks. Never mind the dudes.

  11. Robert says:

    I kinda threw up in my mouth a little.

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