Morning wood….. heh

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  1. mark12a says:

    At least he’s always got wood.

    • Magnus says:

      Hehe, indeed.

      Seriously, I always thought that I was living in a socialist nightmare here in Sweden. We really have some real problems politics regarded… After seeing your development over the last year I’ve come to an conclusion; You’re even more fucked than we are. The feminists and the sjw rampage in your country is just mindboggling. They set the University of Berkeley on fire. They harass, and beat, anyone that does not think like they do. I really do not want to instruct people in another country how to behave, but you need to get a grip of this decease called feminism. Otherwise it will spread.

      So, grab your guns, harass everyone of this little cunts, and maybe we in Europe wont feel the full blow of the new plague called feminism that are haunting (what it fells like) every corner of the world.

      • Magnus says:

        I just want to add that the latest development really makes me understand why you so decisively hold on to the second amendment. I think I understand you good folks… God knows I would want to be able to give my wife a small handgun to have with her when she 7:00 am walks to her job. She has more than one time been harassed by immigrants when walking to her workplace…Sweden is not what it once was…

      • Padawan says:

        Isn’t Sweden a sanctuary country for the Syrian “refugees?”

        • Exile1981 says:

          Sweden is the rape capital of europe with 90% committed by morrocans.

          I worked with a guy who was from brussels ( i know not sweden). The rape and assault was so bad hus wife asked for chastity belts for herself and their faughters for christmas.

        • Magnus says:

          Padawan, you’re right. Lately Malmö, a “capitol” in southern Sweden has been labelled the rape capitol in Europe.

          What I wanted to communicate was more than the US and Europe always had some sort of common ground to unite around. The people that are coming throgh Europe, just to wind up in Sweden, are seriously a threat to our way of life. We had the best healthcare in the world, now everything is infested and you’re not allowed to say anything… You may not have seen Sweden as a role model, but we were the once a country that fully took the Russians head on and won. Sweden, under the 60’s, had nine million people, yet we had the third largest marine and air force in the world. Once again, a country with nine million people was able to accomplish this. Of course, in this day and age Sweden cannot do this kind of things.

          A couple of strangers have turned my country into something I do not recognise. The funny thing is that I, by the recent political standard, can’t hunt these cunts down and make them pay for what the’re doing…

      • beaver67 says:

        Fortunately for US, this crap is usually restricted to those tiny blue areas on the electoral map.

  2. Wirecutter,
    This goes beyond your “psycho chicks, we’ve all had ’em” category. Of course, if you read bits of the article, someone had a bunch of puns when wanted to string together into a story.

  3. Padawan says:

    Not the kind of morning wood I’d want nor the place where I’d want anybody to be pulling splinters out of.

    ER Doctor: So what brings you here today?
    Girl: I have splinters in my (meow.)
    Doctor: You have what where?
    Girl: Splinters. In my (meow.)
    Doctor: How did you get splinters there?
    Girl: I had sex with a tree.
    Doctor: You what?
    Girl: Had sex. With a tree.

  4. chicken thief says:

    I understand why she had a string of failed relationships. This is the only way she could find a mate that gave rough sex!

  5. Exile1981 says:

    This came out in 2015. Her family wanted her committed at that time…. these days it would be considered normal.

  6. Ken says:

    What a dip shit snowflake.

  7. Elmo says:

    She must be related to Julia Butterfly Hill.

  8. eatonrapidsjoe says:

    The problem with poplar trees is that they have no nuts. She is clearly too concerned about other people’s opinions…otherwise she would have considered a London Plane Tree, not much to look at but he wood be the tree-next-door.

  9. Dick Summers says:

    And she chooses a Poplar. A Poplar for cry’n out loud. Unreliable when standing. Nearly worthless when milled. Useless as firewood.

  10. crazyeighter says:

    Nearby to me. It was originally “Morning Woods” but the developer got tired of and quit replacing the “s’. He should have given more thought to that “tree” on the left also.

  11. Winston Smith says:

    “…after a string of disastrous relationships….”
    There’s the only Clue you need even before you get to the psychobitch part.

    But popular #1 luv u long time, GI!

  12. kennymac says:

    That relationship could have some knotty problems.

  13. S.G.S.W. says:

    Scuzz Twittly has a song for just this situation…

    Keep Huggin’ That Tree (cuz I got a chainsaw):

    (Not worksafe and likely offensive to somebody, somewhere)

  14. JeremyR says:

    A spinster physician Named Spock
    Carved wood in the shape of a cock
    That’s why it is said
    That at night in her bed
    She’s a hickory dickery Doc.

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