Probably rolling in something nasty

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  1. Angel says:

    Let’s check the Max list:

    1. Horse shit
    2. Cow shit
    3. Dead fish carcass
    4. Dead duck carcass
    5. Dead rabbit carcass
    6. Antelope shit
    7. Some unidentified substance that was red, gooey, and smelled like barf.

    • One of the many Bills says:

      8. Dead deer carcass

    • rebpirate says:

      Mine like chicken shit

    • Eastwood says:

      Usually # 7 ( # used to mean number before digital phones and not hashtag after smartphones and the internet come about ; for all you younger folk) They can’t go to Walmart so it is obviously the best cover scent on the free market.

      • Eastwood says:

        Just saying they do it for cover scent. Hell I put Fox piss and doe esterase on brand new pair of boots.

  2. Padawan says:

    One of my neighbors once noticed another neighbor’s dog rolling in something “muddy,” something we’d seen the dog do twice the day before. “It’s amazing what’ll make a dog happy,” the first neighbor said to me through the fence that separates our properties. “It’s amazing that (dog owner neighbor) has yet to figure out his septic tank has failed,” I replied.

  3. Brother Mark says:

    Commonly know as, “love of the stinky.”

  4. Dick Proenneke says:

    I see a field bath in someone’s future.

  5. Roy says:

    My experience is that there is only one odor that dogs hate and that’s skunk spray.

  6. Bud says:

    had a long haired gray Australian Shepherd that use to take a bite of a fresh cowpie, then waller around on it, then run up to me to be petted or rub up against me or try to lick me.w. t. f!

  7. Tom W. says:

    Had dogs that can’t “hep it” and roll in cat shit, yard mushrooms, whatever.

    But did have a couple prissy bitches that avoided nastiness like the plague.

    It’s a dog thing.

  8. California southpaw says:

    Had a festering dead raccoon in the back acre once. Girl made a beeline out to roll in that mess every chance she got. She almost seemed disappointed when I washed her off.

  9. Bill C says:

    Any idea what breed/mix that dog is?

  10. Tim says:

    On the skunk part, “there are two types of dogs, those that get sprayed and learn and those that don’t”. I have owned 1-1/2, one never learned, the other got nailed three or four times before she learned to be stealthy. Now she is a rodent exterminator, skunks, groundhogs etc

  11. James says:

    May just be a dog enjoying the early spring like temperatures and just rolling in the sun naked enjoying/celebrating life!I have thought many times early springs time to get naked/roll around like a dog!A dog does it everything’s fine,James does it would be a call for the medical team for psych evaluation,another lifes not fair lesson!

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