The day Sammy finally stepped off the porch

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10 Responses to The day Sammy finally stepped off the porch

  1. stevierayv says:

    What jedburger academy will get ya
    Run over with a blue belt

  2. Grandpa says:

    oh brother, bourbon out the nose stings like hell… that is the new funniest thing I’ve ever seen… and to think, he “preferred two center mass, and one to the face… because he’s good at it.” Dear Lord, I can’t stop laughing. Now, we just need a critter for tfAt next to it…
    Such is the fate of all bullshit.

    • Odgreen says:

      Remember now, they eat blue belts for breakfast……..Bwahahahahahahahahahaha………..I hear he’s gonna step off the porch if someone harms the Don……….Bwahahahahahahaha….

  3. Okie says:

    Everything was ok, as long as he stayed on the porch…
    Where the rubber met the road, Sammy was a run flat.
    Two COM is the preferred action but…..
    The Mozambique is for extra bad, plus one, squared, times pi perps !!!!

    I’m improvising, not really sure what the fuck we’re talking about……

  4. Exile1981 says:


    You should look up the kids book ‘scaredy squirrel’. It’s about a squirrel that carries around a backpack full of stuff incase of emergency but he’s too afraid to actually go anywhete or meet anyone because he’s always scared.

  5. d says:

    I have not been to any of his web sites since everything blew up about him.

    Does he still try to sell $100 garrotes and 80% receivers that I can buy at any gun show for half of what he wants?

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