Thin Mint Rage

PALM COAST — A $20 debt led to chaos at a cookie stand outside a Palm Coast Wal-Mart when two teens attacked the family of a Girl Scout they said owed them the money.

Daniel Kennedy, 18, and his 16-year-old brother, whose name was not released, were both arrested in connection with the incident. Daniel Kennedy was charged with disorderly conduct and three counts of battery. His younger brother faces disorderly conduct and one count of battery.

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3 Responses to Thin Mint Rage

  1. Shell says:

    *sigh* I left Atlanta and moved to Palm Coast to get away from shit like this.

  2. Geoff R says:

    I know it’s the law,but what is the point of not naming Daniel Kennedy’s 16 year old younger brother.It ain’t as if there is gonna be a lot of choices,though it could be a big family.

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