Baby’s First Teardown

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  1. Miles Long says:

    Does anybody remember the visible V-8 plastic model kit? Maybe it was a Renwal, or Monogram, or a ??? kit. Your choice of different intakes, or a supercharger complete with working innards. Pistons moved up & down, the cam turned & valves opened & closed, with a small electric motor inside the starter that turned it all?

  2. 1980XLS says:

    My dad got me the “Visible V-8 Engine” when I was about 8 yrs old.
    I learned alot from that thing.

    Pops was a gearhead just like me. Or maybe the other way around.

  3. kdts says:

    Yep! Built one when I’s about 8 with my Dad. The little lights would show a “spark” on the compression stroke.

    I regret not gettin one for my son.

  4. Old Surfer says:

    That’s way cool! Where did it come from? Amazon didn’t have anything that big.

  5. ExpatNJ says:

    I was a deprived child. I got the Wankel Rotary transparent engine model kit.

  6. Old Surfer says:

    Thanks CCW! I’ll keep that in mind if any more grandkids show up.

  7. William Ryan says:

    That is the best. My daughter is a mechanical Engineer and I am ordering one for her 2 year old daughter. Papa is tired of Playdoh.

  8. Steve the engineer says:

    My older brother got the visible V-8. He went on to get a degree in mechanical engineering. A year or two later I got a toy called “hydro dynamics” – it was a good sized plastic tray with side walls about 2 inches high. It came with plastic “steel” beams and risers, plastic tanks, valves, tubing and a battery powered pump. You built the structure, fit plastic chemical tanks at various heights, connected it all with clear plastic tubing and little plastic valves and we used food coloring so we could circulate green or blue water “chemicals” to all the tanks, gravity drain them and set the valves so it would just keep going. It was great. I went on to get a degree in chemical engineering.

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