Baby’s First Teardown

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8 Responses to Baby’s First Teardown

  1. Miles Long says:

    Does anybody remember the visible V-8 plastic model kit? Maybe it was a Renwal, or Monogram, or a ??? kit. Your choice of different intakes, or a supercharger complete with working innards. Pistons moved up & down, the cam turned & valves opened & closed, with a small electric motor inside the starter that turned it all?

  2. 1980XLS says:

    My dad got me the “Visible V-8 Engine” when I was about 8 yrs old.
    I learned alot from that thing.

    Pops was a gearhead just like me. Or maybe the other way around.

  3. kdts says:

    Yep! Built one when I’s about 8 with my Dad. The little lights would show a “spark” on the compression stroke.

    I regret not gettin one for my son.

  4. Old Surfer says:

    That’s way cool! Where did it come from? Amazon didn’t have anything that big.

  5. ExpatNJ says:

    I was a deprived child. I got the Wankel Rotary transparent engine model kit.

  6. Old Surfer says:

    Thanks CCW! I’ll keep that in mind if any more grandkids show up.

  7. William Ryan says:

    That is the best. My daughter is a mechanical Engineer and I am ordering one for her 2 year old daughter. Papa is tired of Playdoh.

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