Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon…..

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  1. Cederq says:

    Cavorting with the hogs naked, something fishy is going on here…. You want to be castrated? walk around with hogs, they will think it a nice fat worm or grub to be eaten with relish!

  2. rayvet says:

    Yeah, um, I think this should have also had the WTF tag on it as well.

    • Grandpa says:

      I’m with ray on this one. WTF? On second thought, never mind. There’s some things I do not want to know.

  3. guy says:

    There is absolutely no way, no how, not enough money in the world to make me dangle my tackle anywhere near a pig. No Way.

    Or toes for that matter.

  4. pinebuffalo says:

    Makes you wonder what the hell the situation there was. . .

  5. 1980XLS says:

    Pigs like Sausage too. No way one should leave one’s kielbasi exposed like that.

  6. singlestack says:

    Umm…what’s the brown stuff on his leg?

  7. ignore amos says:

    Four bacon, one long pork?

  8. Tom W. says:

    Except for the bacon prospect, this is wrong on so many levels.

  9. John h. says:

    He’s havin a hershey bar w/ his buddies and u guys are tryin to make somethin twisted out of it like he smeared his pecker w/!choc and WHO was taking the fukin picture????
    John h.

  10. POd American says:

    Kinda looks like Vin Diesel or maybe a twin Vin.

  11. oswald bastable says:

    Time to squeal like a piggy!

  12. Granny says:

    I am hoping that is chocolate on his leg, but then that leads my mind down another trail and we don’t need to go there.
    I too noticed the gasoline can. Being nekkid is the least part of this situation.

  13. Jbone says:

    I heard that’s how they roll in TN…. balls out!

  14. rightwingterrorist says:

    Trolling the women’s side of Russian dating sites?
    One for the gal’s.

  15. ralph says:

    holding pen for soon to be deported muslims?

  16. Greatgeezer says:

    Makin’ bacon?

  17. Walt says:

    This weirdo is in hog heaven

  18. California southpaw says:

    You owe us an explanation, dude.

  19. S.G.S.W. says:

    He looks like the guy who went swimming in the moat around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo a few years ago:

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