Be careful of what you ask for

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez was briefly handcuffed after refusing to leave a meeting with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in Chicago, saying he planned to risk arrest by staying at the agency’s office in The Loop until demands are met.

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9 Responses to Be careful of what you ask for

  1. Elmo says:

    Deport him back to Puerto Rico. Please.

  2. cato1776 says:

    Deport illegal aliens, period.

    • crazyeighter says:

      It would be a real shame if Guiterrez had to for-real play Cheech Marin’s role in “Born in East L.A.”

  3. Tom W. says:

    As the wise curmudgeon Robert D Raiford used to say:

    I wish somebody would just step on him.

    This is not just a professional asshole, but a consumate top shelf professional asshole.

    Jorge Ramos runs a close second.

    During President Eisenhower, there was Operation Wetback to deal with “immigration issues”.

    Time for Version 2.0. Illinois,,,,,,,, geez..

  4. truthzzzz says:

    I could not comment on that site.


    Guitierrez said BIRTHRIGHT. He was partially correct. He was partially wrong.

    The US Supreme Court has only decided on the one part of that issue. In Wong vs United States (1898) the court decided that a person born of two people residing with no legal problems about their residing in the United States and citizens of a foreign nation would have a child who is a citizen. That is because of the no legal problems, the being found subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and not just in the United States, and the 14th Amendment was decided to include them as citizens.

    IT HAS NEVER been decided that the child of parents here with legal problems or objections would give birth to children who were citizens of the united States. The US Supreme Court never decided that set of facts. All children of illegally present foreign nationals have only reciebved papers od an, at most, gratuitous citizenship, or even a false and invalid citizenship.
    The US Supreme Court discussed in the WONG case that that was not looked at. The Court also looked at other ways people were considered citizens of where when born in a nation not their parent’s nation. At that time the overwhelming world view was that all such children were always citizens of the parent’s nation, and not of the nation they were born in.
    Further, The Court discussed that an invading army never obtained citizenship in the country invaded, and, the children and entourages of invaders also never obtained citizenship in the invaded nation they were born in.

    Gutierrez supports La Raza and La Reconquista and LA MECHA. You will find the conquest of the USA advocated there. You also will find that Mexico has for generations supported and sent an army to invade the USA to plunder the USA and to conquer the USA. La Reconquista, the conquest of much of the USA, is taught in Mexican schools and publicly advocated for Mexican presidents for generations.
    So have many other nations sent people here for similar reasons. Islam demands any land a Muslim enters be conquered for Islam.

    If those don’t fit the description of enemy invaders, then I must be a full blooded Russian speaking Russian.

    I shut these people up prior to the Republican debates by explaining this in more detail in the LA Times and elsewhere. They are coming out of the nether reaches to advocate their conquest again.

    Donald Trump used this exact information about WONG vs USA to explain his position on illegally present people here in the first republican debate. Trump went from about 4% to about 45% within a month in republican polls, then went on to win the nomination primaries based on that first differentiation from every other candidate in the race, both Republican and Democrat. The people firsst saw Trump and his intelligence and wisdom on that issue. Then they looked at his economic views and other views, and chose him to be President.

    Consider this. If you have some land (of any size) and someone gets on your property illegally, then has a child (maybe even in the house or another building). Then the parents and the child demand that the child recieve full inheritance on the property, and part of the income from the property, then maybe a home and food and all rights to use the assets as the owners of the home, basically full ownership rights . Something like that. That is one reason why all of the nations rejected an invader’s citizenship, and also had as the default that a child was always a citizen of the nation of his parents.or parent.

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      Much the same as if I were to rob a bank and then give the money to my kids.
      According to the supporters of the invaders everything would be cool. I wouldn’t go to jail for this act of love and the kids would get to keep the money.

  5. truthzzzz says:

    This guy gets it. Back in 2013 This supports the invading army facts.

  6. Jack Crabb says:

    I wish they would deport that fucking asshole.

  7. kimosaabe says:

    Treason from within ➡ Luis Gitierrez ➡ enemy of America advocate for criminal illegal aliens.

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