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8 Responses to Canadians…..

  1. Glenfilthie says:

    I would ordinarily suspect Queerbec or Morontario but all the guys that live there are skinny gay hipsters…

    • Tom W. says:

      The Canucks run roughshod in my S. Florida AO from about Thanksgiving to Easter. Most fall in the category of the “Blue Hairs”.

      But spotted a mile off, as it’s Spring Break time, are the pasty white hipsters with Quebec or Ontario license plates that scream the zombies will eat them first.

      If a few want to snow bench old tires, meh,….
      It’s the Blue Hairs I’m worried about.

  2. arc says:

    Wouldn’t it be a little more reasonable to put the gym in a cold frame or hoophouse? Maybe a little wood burning stove action?

    At least the bench isn’t made out of MRE boxes and an old isomat.

  3. JeremyR says:

    I’d have guess Minnesota, not enough snow for Canada, unless that was taken in July.

  4. kennymac says:

    Easy on those Canadian weightlifters. They have been a big help to me over the last couple years. Well former Canadian weightlifters have been anyway. Let me explain. My son is now seventeen and a well conditioned and strong hockey player. Of course as he has gotten older and stronger he always would have to test the old man just to see if he had passed me up in strength, in that young buck kind of way. Nothing doing, but when it does happen, I can accept it, that how life goes.

    But then my sweet 5’5″ 130lb wife started going to a local gym where the proprietor follows the Mark Rippitoe Starting Strength program. I was the one who found the gym and suggested she started going. We have always been fit but she was looking for something different and we thought this might help strengthen her bad back. Well she’s gotten stronger all right. Her PR for the deadlift is now 190lbs. You can see where that left me in the house. The weak old man pussy. That was totally unacceptable. I had just retired and had plenty of time to work out at home. So I went downstairs and picked up my old high school weights, which I hadn’t touched for maybe 20 years or so. They are the old plastic covered cement York brand weight plates. That’s fine, I don’t need new or fancy. But I did need to add to my set to be able to keep up with the other iron heads in the house. Those old plastic weights are completely unavailable in the US, as far as I can tell. But lucky for me, those weights we’re made in Canada, and we go to Canada on hockey trips on a regular basis. Hence my introduction to Kijiji, the Canadian Ebay, essentially. So each hockey trip became a little adventure where we would make a couple side trips to sellers like this one for example.

    So I now have a well stocked home gym, almost entirely with second hand equipment. The 30% currency discount made it that much easier. I have a little but different workout routine, I go more for higher reps than heavier weight, but I now deadlifting 205lbs in 15 rep sets. It won’t impress the hard core, but it’s not bad for a guy eligible to make IRA distributions without penalty this year. My goal is to be able to lift 300 lbs 15 times when I am 60 years old. There seems to be a symmetry in the numbers of that that appeals to me. Both my wife and I really enjoy being strong, it helps around the house and every day life. And it has made her bones stronger and improved her borderline high blood pressure. I really recommend it for anyone, Canadian or not.

    • kennymac says:

      As Kenny’s stories always attest to, it’s the people that make the adventure fun. I really struck up an online hockey friendship with one seller. I ended asking him to hold the weights from October until we came up in January, which was asking a lot, I thought. He asked for a deposit and I sent him a $50C bill through the mail. I had a good feeling about the guy, he was Canadian, and I thought if he rips off my $30 US, well shame on him. We finally went over his house for pickup and he starts introducing me his son, Pavel Barber and telling me how he’s “all over the internet”. Whatever, shake his hand and settled the deal and we were on our way. Of course I have to look him up and damn, he is all over the internet. I was telling my son about the incident later and he gets this weird look on his face and says “Dad, he’s world famous”! Whatever. I own his old dumbbells.They used to be in this garage. Paid the going rate, so I guess its all the same.

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