Damn those jedburgers

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10 Responses to Damn those jedburgers

  1. Miles Long says:

    WBRE from Wilkes-Barre, PA? Those darned Jedburgers are everywhere.

  2. Keystone Okie says:

    Jedburgh is quite heavy in the NE though PA has a significant resistance movement.

  3. Angel says:

    Should have titled it “Meanwhile back in the Bay Area “.

  4. Okie says:

    I thought that was the name of his loyal followers…. Jedburgh, sorta
    like illuminati for Wal Mart ninjas…

  5. Tennessee Budd says:

    Kenny, this afternoon I went over to WKRN.com to check the weather forecast. I shit you not, at the bottom of the screen was a promo thing saying, “This Thursday, News 2 explores Heroin at Home”.
    Sounds like an nodding kind of day around channel 2 in Trashville. Check the website; I imagine it’s still there.

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