Fishing with The Kid

I took my grandson fishing for the first time. First time with me that is, he’s been fishing with his dad and other grandpa before.
He got one bite and I didn’t even get a hit but I didn’t expect much else, the water’s still a bit too cold yet.

All I gotta say is my own dad must’ve had the patience of a saint.
I was tossing plastics and Jay was fishing under a bobber and I swear he was making more casts than I was.

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19 Responses to Fishing with The Kid

  1. POd American says:

    You need to take him catching instead of fishing.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I tried to convince him the water was still too cold, but what do I know.
      Shit, it was in the 20s just a couple days ago.

      • QuietMan says:

        Good luck with that. I remember my then four year old daughter convincing my Dad to take her fishing. I was watching all the fun and decided to ask Dad “How come you never took me fishing when the pond was frozen?” “Shut up.”

      • POd American says:

        Been there, done that. Enjoy your time.

  2. Doonhamer says:

    It keeps you young, having youngsters for company.
    He will not realise how fortunate he is until he is much older.

  3. Steve Brown says:

    That is how to bring up a boy. Fishing is a start, shooting is next. Then comes his first real hunt, a hunt for food not a trophy.

  4. mark r says:

    Any fool can father a child, this is what makes you the father ( grandfather) of a child.

  5. Ag says:

    Awesome. Nothing better than pouring of yourself into the grandson.

  6. Angel says:

    As Poppy always said when he wasn’t catching anything, “Girl, it’s not the catching, it’s the Being. Be still.”

  7. Don McCollor says:

    …one of my fond memories…fishing with my dad (bobber)…the joy of catching a bullhead…the bend is cut off now…just a swamp…but the a part of the old fish line is still on the tree where I snagged it…after about fifty years,,,

  8. Elmo says:

    It looks like he can occupy himself… not depending on someone or something else to entertain him.
    This is good. This is very good.

  9. Awesome! Keep it fun. Keep it short. Enjoy the process. Results will follow. The best time to fish is when the wimmin folk are cleaning. Has nothing to do with whether the fish are biting or not.

    I salute you.

  10. H says:

    He will fondly remember that day long after you are gone, Wirecutter.

    “It is by such deeds and misadventures that we are remembered and become legends”

    • Elmo says:

      I can still picture fishing with my Grandpa Bert (Lane, coincidentally) when I was about this young man’s age (almost 60 years ago).
      I don’t know who had more fun; him or me.

  11. Okie says:

    As soon as the water hits that magic number it will be a feeding frenzy ! Different species, different temps. Been having a little luck with crappie but the bass might be a few days off yet.
    Sounds like fun fishing one adult one kid.
    I took my young nieces (3) last fall and they made too much noise…. I tried to explain but they didn’t much listen to me…. I go to that same spot myself or with a buddy…..
    My arm gets tired from landing hawgs…
    Catch and release …….

  12. DixieDennis says:

    Man, that brought back a flood of memories! Dad used to take my brother and me fishing, starting when we were about 6 years old. Farm pond that was loaded with blue gill. He made us bait our own hooks (no problem, what 6 year old doesn’t like to skewer a wigglin worm?). Cane poles/bobbers. He taught us how to scale and gut em. Best part was Mom fryin em up in a cast iron skillet.
    My Grampa used to take us out, too. He must of had the patience of a saint. I learned a lot from Grampa. He was the ultimate outdoorsman. Fished, trapped, hunted everything in season, ice fished. I have one of his ice fishing poles hanging on my office wall. One of my prized possessions.
    I hope you get to take your grand son out many more times. The time spent with your grandchildren doesn’t go against your allotted time on earth! I took my 3year old grand-daughter out last year. She lost interest fairly quick, but I can’t wait for her to catch her first one! Took my now 16 year old grandson out turkey hunting and deer hunting. Invaluable time spent.


  13. Gnome Sane says:

    It used to piss my uncle off when I would catch more fish than him. He thought he was a regular Gadabout Gaddis.

  14. Grandpa says:

    What a blessing… I’m willing to bet you ain’t stopped smiling yet. Enjoy the time and treasure it brother. There might be something greater than time with sons and grandsons… it’s just about a tie with daughters and granddaughters… I think the little fellas have the slight advantage because we see ourselves in them…

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