I’m sure she’s taken, men

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10 Responses to I’m sure she’s taken, men

  1. California southpaw says:

    Good, I already have plenty of spiders around here.

  2. Okie says:

    Omg ! That is a beautiful house !!!
    You know your getting old when a pretty girl doesn’t hold any sway over some nice woodwork ….. I’ll admit the beer pouring trick is definitely a hidden and unexploited talent …… Gimme a few minutes and I’ll think of something risqué for she and I to try …. An hope I don’t throw out my back !

    • Bob M says:

      That nice woodwork is in a pretty expensive home, which means that acrobatic little bit of eye candy is most likely high maintenance…. probably very high.

  3. Zombiedawg says:

    This is getting depressing…
    Perhaps you should start posting pics of the ones that aren’t taken…heh…
    You know the one ;-)

  4. Grandpa says:

    …and we have a winner. doesn’t even matter what the contest is. hell, if she can do that, I bet she can… never mind.

  5. POd American says:

    I am impressed

  6. Dave says:

    Any woman who pours me an obviously flat beer would be thrown out of the house.
    Just sayin’

    • ed357 says:

      Looks like the beer was poured previously…..
      photo op with a half-full beer and empty bottle…..

      very athletic tho.

  7. Granny says:

    An ad for Heinekens? You boys are easily distracted.

  8. Paraclete says:

    stupid people tricks …..

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