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20 Responses to Liberals…

  1. warhorse says:

    ah yes laci green. hell of a rack on that chick. too bad she’s a raving feminist nutjob. sorry, I repeated myself there.

  2. bikermailman says:

    The best part is, this Snowflake posted these tweets ~6 hours apart, on Election Night.

  3. Exile1981 says:

    Her version of ‘mend and heal’ involved conservatives giving in too the left and accepting hillary.

  4. Oscar2Marine says:

    Says a lot for her mending and healing ! Keeping an open mind for diversification too ?

  5. Winston Smith says:

    I hope someone is keeping a list.

  6. Okie says:

    Can’t you just feel the love and compassion coming straight from her heart ??
    This woman reminds me of the black shit that grows on the floor of my shower. She’s not too far up the evolutionary ladder from that….

  7. Joseph says:

    Hey Laci, you don’t like America leave take all your snowflake buddies with you, you miserable whinny oaf.

  8. Hillbilly says:

    Sounds just like my sister-in-law. Told my wife to put up some cheerful curtains in back bedroom so she have a warm place to be sad in after Trump loose’s… That was the day prior to the election, doesn’t want to talk about it now. In fact she hardly calls anymore.

  9. Ag says:

    One of my friends has a good name for these people.

    CUNT – Cant understand nothin

  10. Mad Jack says:

    According to her bio, Laci teaches sex education. Here’s a suggestion for you Laci: 9 ways to use an 18 inch dildo and a bucket of sand.

    • Elmo says:

      Laci Green describes herself as an atheist and pansexual who has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts.

      In other words, she’s an effed up broad who she be kept far away from your children, not teaching them about sex on your dime..

    • M. Sage says:

      Her version of sex education is teaching people to use “affirmative consent,” which if you haven’t had this shit forced down your throat yet (oh, the irony) is when you have to ask for permission to do each and every single little thing when you get intimate.

  11. Greggbc says:

    Just another idiot that does not have even a clue what a Fascist is. Hillary proposed National Socialism in nearly every speech. Lacy needs to keep her mouth shut and stop proving how stupid she really is.

  12. Drew in Michigan says:

    MBV nailed it a few years ago when he stated “we are 2 countries within the same border, with irreconcilable differences” and ya’ll know what that means…witness total tolerance from our special snowflake above!
    I think I’m ready…but Holy Cheese n Rice, scared as shit saying that, it puts that sickly knot deep down in the belly…and a steady resolve in my heart.
    Can’t wait for the “movie” of come out, pray it will open everyone’s eyes and maybe, just maybe open some real dialog. Prepare for the worst and all…
    It’s close enough time gonna hit the wild turkey and watch the snow fall.

  13. ZombieDawg says:

    Precisely as Martin Armstrong said..historically it’s ALWAYS the left throughout history that are the totally intolerant hypocritical government worshipping war mongering pathetic whiny cry babies…

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