M1 D Sniper Garand

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7 Responses to M1 D Sniper Garand

  1. SS says:

    Its interesting this guy calls them Gar’-and and many other folks are adamant its pronounced Gar-and’. So. What does the crowdsource think is the “correct” pronunciation that wont get sneers at the gun show?

  2. John h. says:

    Ga rand is how i was taught. That guy can take an interesting subject and bore me to tears with his superfluos bullshit
    John h.

  3. Boots says:

    A man’s rifle! That’s the first thought I had first time I shouldered and fired an M1. The second thought was “who shortened the stock”, as the LOP was about 1″-2″ too short for me.

    In early to late 1990s Sarco, IO, Century Arms, Navy Arms, etc regularly advertised in SGN good shooting M1’s for $400 to $600. Most were reconditioned but all had USGI parts. You could also get rifles that were all Winchester or Springfield and with better wood for as much as you were willing to pay. M1D’s were offered but I never ordered one, as I was told most were composite and not original issue.

    The Garand Collector magazine is a good information source. 6 issues per year.

    • warhorse says:

      and if we’re all good girls and boys, Trump will let a whole shitload of M1 Garands back in from south korea.

      I saw a report where most of the 85,000 garands were factory reconditioned and properly stored, and haven’t been touched since delivery. it wouldn’t surprise me if there were some M1C and M1D garands in there..

      • warhorse says:

        I forgot to mention all the M1 carbines and M1911A1 pistols that come along with those.

        no one has mentioned any BAR’s or M3 greaseguns, but I’ll bet there are a bunch of those too.

        now, if we can get that 1986 ban on new class 3 removed…

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