Ray Wylie Hubbard

Fuck yes, outlaw country. This guy kicks ass.

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18 Responses to Ray Wylie Hubbard

  1. obsessivecompulsivehater says:

    Yeh, I fucking like that! Minimal drum kit. Purrrfekt. Tyty

  2. Scott says:

    Seen him live a couple of times, great shows

  3. NOG says:

    Well, real outlaw is David Allen Coe. My favorite.

  4. BillDave says:

    Saw him a few months ago in Lukenbach, Texas. Great show. I thought they were going to tear the place down when he played, “Redneck Mother”!

  5. Jbone says:

    Got to see him live as well in a little bar in Texas, he’s a fantastic story teller in his music. SCREW YOU! WE’RE FROM TEXAS!

  6. Okie says:

    I’m always intersted in tha musical tastes of my brothren…. Good stuff !
    I am might impressed !
    Love that blue Les Paul too !

  7. Tennessee Budd says:

    Kenny, if you don’t already have it, check out RWH’s “Snake Farm”. The title song is a good ‘un, but I like the whole album (couple of duds, but mostly pretty damned good). Shit, Hubbard’s an icon no matter what.

    • Wirecutter says:

      You know what, I never even heard of him until today. Lisa found a radio station out of Nashville (89.5) that played nothing but outlaw and old school country. I listened for about 4 hours and never heard a single mainstream song. I heard some Cash, Coe, Hank Sr, Tomball Glasser, Wayne Hancock and a bunch of other folks I never heard of, but not a single soul that you’d hear on mainstream stations.
      It was kind of a mix of Texas Swing, original Nashville Opry and Memphis Blues.

      • Tennessee Budd says:

        Thanks for the tip! Never heard of the station, but if you can get it there, I ought to be able to pull it in here. Maybe not; it might be drowned out by a bigger signal on a near frequency. Regardless, I’m damned sure gonna look for it!
        When I used to go to Texas to visit Dad’s side of my family (almost all sadly passed on now), a big side benefit was rural Texas radio. You can go a long time w/o hearing anything made past about 1975!

        • Wirecutter says:

          Yeah well, yesterday I found out that it’s some liberal college broadcasting it. Oh well, listen to the music and tune out the politics.

    • Brian says:

      I think Snake Farm is his best album. I’ve been listening to his music for several years, and I would say there are few musicians that I like better.

      Jamey Johnson is probably the only singer/songwriter I listen to more than Ray Wylie Hubbard. (Hayes Carl is a good one to check out too).

  8. Ed says:

    A real genuine poet. Seen him a couple times always a good show no matter the crowd big or small. Really dug in and helped his community a few years back after a devastating flood. Great when he gets together with JJW and the other LGB group

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