Right on, he remembered her birthday

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6 Responses to Right on, he remembered her birthday

  1. rayvet says:

    Public transportation=city slicker=WTF do you need a shovel for? Some gay form of art decor?

  2. Padawan says:

    Or he forgot sonething…

  3. Walt says:

    I wonder if he’s got a Mexican girl friend? Messicans love shovels and rakes too

  4. ed357 says:

    Friend of mine got a Hispanic girlfriend………

    Now his house is spotless and his yard is immaculate……

    and every night it’s…..

    SHOWTIME……Poor bastige is wasting away.

  5. Okie says:

    She’s dismembered and stuffed in the backpack ….
    We all know what the shovel is for….
    All he wanted was a sammich and for her to shut up for ten whole minutes…..
    But noooooo……

  6. loaded4bear says:

    Nah. If it was her birthday, there’d be a new Hoover next to him.

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