Them crazy ass Koreans have done it now

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7 Responses to Them crazy ass Koreans have done it now

  1. anon says:

    please tell me that pic is photo shopped together

    • bikermailman says:

      Good old High Plains summertime thunderhead, after sundown. It’s fun watching these things develop. Nothing, then a puff of cloud, then a column, and the top hits the high pressure layer then mushrooms out. You can often see changes minute to minute.

      • Brother OryGun says:

        the cumulonimbus grow until they become a Cumulonimbus calvus or cumulonimbus robustus and at about 7 miles up you hit the tropo-pause in first layer of our atmosphere this is the elevation where the air stops getting colder as you increase in altitude from the tropo pause up to the start of the stratosphere then temperature will increase with altitude but all of the earth weather takes place within troposphere and below the pause. When a huge thunder cloud hits the pause the top spreads out flat against the that layer of the atmosphere and that’s called a Cumulonimbus incus named for when the top looks like an Anvil. Once the thunder cloud gets to the incus stage it cannot grow any taller though it may bulge and push up on the tropo-pause a bit, at that point the cloud starts to consume itself and the edges start to droop and sag which gives it that mushroom cloud look. when the sun is setting behind a mountain range or below the horizon 7 miles up is still in full sun light and able to reflect the sunset with crazy bright contrast to the dark sky and is really cool visually. After the cloud has all but devoured itself you end up with a bunch of bits and pieces of the original cloud we call all the little small remaining clouds Cumulus fractus, I should have stuck with meteorology, at least my Geology major doesn’t provide any benefit to my career in the lumber industry lol. Thank you for reading my break down of the life of a thunder cloud.

    • RTinWeimar says:

      Not photo shopped…Just about everything is bigger in Texas.

  2. Hillbilly says:

    Sometimes this is the first site I go to. Almost got me today

  3. loaded4bear says:

    Sadly, I think it’s only a matter of time. The question is: which nit wit country will do it first, the norks or the iranians?

  4. Okie says:

    You got some real nerds here fer sure !
    That’s just a lightning illuminated cumulo nimbus cloud !!!! Fuck them goddamn Nork fucks !!!!

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